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When it comes to buying gifts for teens, we try to buy a teen-friendly gadget since kids of this modern world are technology lovers. Smartphones and your teens have grown up together so they are best friends now. According to a survey by Statista, at least 1 in every 4 teens remains online constantly, and you can now imagine how the rise of mobile internet devices has influenced our kids.

However, apart from smartphones, there are various gadgets that you can gift to a teen and can make him happy. You can choose a gadget that can help your teen learn better and become a veteran like a 6 Pound Essay.

Here are the 7 best latest technologies that you can buy for a teen:

HTV VIVE – A Virtual Reality System

This system that contains the latest virtual reality technology can be an ideal gift for you if you want to impress your teen. Living in this world, neither you can be a helicopter parent nor can you make your teen free to do anything.

However, to make him know about the latest technologies should also be one of your priorities. There are diverse ways virtual reality can help your teen learn smartly. This HTC VIVE can amazingly emerge your teen into another dimension since it provides room-scale VR based on the latest technology.

Using this, your teen can have a great interaction with 3D objects and he can also play games based on VR.  The device is compatible with hundreds of SteamVR games so the teen can enjoy being in infinite 3D worlds or environment. However, what you need to make sure is that this 3D gaming system may not hurt the study schedules of your teen.

Kano Computer Kit

To build creative skills in your teen is a responsibility that you need to fulfil. Also, rather gifting some useless or risky technologies, you better give him something that can build some potential skills in his character.

Since the computer or laptop is one of the essential needs of any house, it’s also important to make your teen accustomed to this electronic device. The Mercury News states that every teen should learn the basic computer skills at the initial stages of his childhood.

Kanu Computer Kit is a complete package or bundle that offers various interesting computer software that is related to development, games, music, and so on. Based on a Raspberry Pi 3, it provides a complete and illustrated guide for each of its software.

Using this particular kit, your teen will learn and enjoy together and he will be highly pleased with you for this sort of gift.

Chumby One

How come can you use your traditional alarm clock in this modern world? Chumby One is an ultra-connected alarm clock that has got various amazing widgets in it. It connects with your Wi-Fi network and it has got lots of interesting widgets to entertain a teen.

Your teen would love to have this particular gift because it’s a perfect device that can successfully seek the attention of teens. Apart from waking people up through alarms, the device has got around 1500 other widgets related to music, weather, podcasts, games, and many others.

Sony ICD-UX200 Digital Voice Recorder

Though voice recorders are not new in the market, they have precisely got advanced with different new options. This digital voice recorder by Sony can be a perfect gift for your teen because he would be able to record lectures in his class to listen to them later.

According to the University of Leicester, there are many benefits of recorded lectures and students at schools or colleges should be given the right to record class lectures. Considering this, this digital voice recorder can help your teen get various educational benefits.

LaCie Skwarim Portable Hard Drive

There are several benefits for both teens and adults to keep portable hard drives. An adult can have his important documents saved in the device while the teen can save their assignments, notes, and other educational documents. Moreover, teens can also save their favourite photos and videos on the device.

If you gift this technology to your teen, you will help him have a backup of all their important things.

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

There isn’t any doubt that the latest technologies have made the learning process much easier and advanced for learners. In case you want to take the smartphone away from your teen and give him something useful, an eBook reader is the right choice for you.

According to Taylor & Francis, e-book readers have precisely enhanced the learning opportunities for both teens and adults. Moreover, since they are easy to carry, a teen can continue his reading no matter he is in his room, park, on the dining table, or even in the bathroom. So, this particular technology can be a perfect gift for your teen if you want to enhance his learning abilities.

Cinema Swivel Portable Projector

As you know that kids are given many tasks that they need to present in slides, videos, or in some other digital forms. This enhances learning and presentation skills to a greater extent and especially when they have this portable projector with them, things become easier for them.

You can gift this small yet powerful projector to your teen to help him in his studies. Through this full-scale digital solution, you can help your teen share slide-shows, images, videos, and some other digital formats. Whether your teen has iPod, iPhone, digital camera, DVD player, netbook, or any other digital device, this projector will perfectly work on all.

Thus, there are two potential benefits that you can avail if you gift a tech-gadget to your teen. You can show you care and love for him by giving him a gift and you also make him a tech-savvy and an up-to-date kid who can stand out in this modern and digital world!

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