Best Ski Goggles for Kids

Taking your whole family to new and exciting environments is a truly amazing thing to do, especially when that new environment involves snow! Whether you’re raising a family of future skiing pros, or you guys are just starting out with your first snow adventure, goggles are a total essential. It can be really easy to leave your kids’ gear as an afterthought; however, you should always read up on the investment that you’re making. Although your kids are always growing, a great pair of goggles is one of the pieces that’ll last them for a long time to come. Here’s exactly what to look for in order to find the best ski goggles for your kids’ next adventure:

Lens Resistance

Aside from protecting your kids from glare and improving their sight, goggles should really be for physical safety. Your kids are probably hungry for some major excitement, and you need to find goggles that will accommodate that. Search for styles with lenses made out of impact-resistant polycarbonate. Lots of brands make goggles with a huge emphasis on safety and clarity!

 Lens Shape

Skiing technology has come a long way, and today’s gear embodies that perfectly. There are two common lens shapes for you to choose from, cylindrical and spherical. The latter is best for skiing, this is because the spherical shape actually gives you a wider viewing field, which is safer. You’ll find that goggles for younger ones are designed to be sleeker than adult shapes, and often are double layered with rubber in between the lenses. This feature stops fogging and allows for clearer vision out on the slopes. So, when shopping, be sure to ask for the double lens feature and look for spherical lens shapes!


Differences in tints make for different experiences. The lens colour is there to filter and adjust colours, in order to make your vision better. A lighter toned tint will allow more light to pass through the lens, which makes them good if your destination is cloudy. Darker tints let less light in, these will often be brown or grey in colour and will be great for sun-soaked snow days. Only opt for clear if you’re only planning on skiing at night!


Of course, comfort is a huge factor. The wrap-around style is best for younger ones, as they allow as much rough and tumble as possible without the drama of lost eyewear. Be sure to take your whole family with you when you go goggle shopping, that way you can all test out the comfort of your choices.


Now for the fun part, style! This is definitely the most unimportant factor in your decision-making process, but it’s one that your children will probably be excited by. Again, making a choice of style should be up to your children. Just be sure to pick a few goggles that meet the safety and technology criteria, and let the kids decide from there!

Once you know exactly what to look for when you’re shopping around for goggles, you can start the hunt! XTM Force double kids’ goggles are an industry favourite. They feature the double lens system, have a protective wrap-around strap and they’re specially coated to keep your kids’ vision as clean and clear as possible – what’s not to love? You can nab these in pink, blue and white, let your children decide to get them super excited about their next action-packed adventure!

By now, you should feel fully confident in finding the best snow goggles for your kids, just remember to get as much information as possible and include your whole family in the hunt!

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