List of Best Tourist Places In Singapore

Singapore is often on the top of every traveler’s bucket list, as well as it is safe to say that this city is a perennial favorite among peoples with different travel preferences and budget. But, how about skipping the usual touristy spots this time and exploring the lesser-known side of Singapore tour?

Singapore’s hidden sight comes in as it also has excellent flea markets, vintage fashion, artisanal coffee, handmade goodies, museums, nature gardens, and cozy hotels. We want to disclose these hidden gems in Singapore to you when you perhaps tour packages for Singapore on your next trip.

List of Best Tourist Places In Singapore

Singapore has a lot of unexplored places that most of us have never heard about. If you want to peel off back the layers on our island house, here are 10 unexplored places of Singapore that no one knew existed.

1. Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant

List of Best Tourist Places In Singapore

For a fresh seafood dinner, book your table (and a 10-minute return bumboat ride) at Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant. The north-eastern coast of Singapore allows you to see how flower crabs, lobsters, sea bass, grouper, and other seafood are farmed. You can even attempt fishing for your own dinner; the chefs will cook up your catch in a variety of styles. Like the sunset, delight in the sea breeze as you tuck right into garlic lobster, sambal (chili paste) mussels, steamed squid and of course.

2. Ce La Vie at Marina Bay Sands

If you enjoy partying, after that head to Ce La Vie at Marina Bay Sands! Overlooking the city at the 57th storey, Ce La Vie is understood for its wonderful songs played by star DJs, exclusive champagne, gourmet dishes and also spectacular views of Marina Bay. Expand over 40,000 square feet, Ce La Vie consists of The Dining establishment, which offers world-class cuisine; The Club Lounge, which is a cozy banquette area; and The Sky Deck, which has an infinity pool where you can swim and also enjoy in revitalizing cocktails too.

3. An extinct species on our own Pulau Ubin

List of Best Tourist Places In Singapore
Twin Hut

Occasionally it appears likewise the only animals in Singapore are pigeons & rats, but we’re home to a huge variety of flora & fauna, from exotic birds to wild boars.

One of the most fascinating animals we call our own is the mousedeer. There are two types of mousedeer, but the one that’s stirring excellent interest is the greater mousedeer, due to the fact that it was thought to have actually gone extinct eighty years ago.

The better mousedeer has been spotted on Pulau Ubin, as well as it’s a testament to how nature can thrive when left uninterrupted. The following time you’re visiting out Pulau Ubin, keep a hunt for the mousedeer. Who knows maybe you’ll have a close encounter of the very best kind with these cute fellows.

4. The last surviving Hakka cemetery

List of Best Tourist Places In Singapore

Cue Yin Foh Kuan Cemetery, the last surviving Hakka cemetery in Singapore. Looking sorely out of places by towering flats, this cemetery has actually been around because 1887, as well as is loaded with almost 3000 graves. Take a view from one of the surrounding flats and also be wowed by the sheer magnitude of this place.

5. See this amazing street art of Singapore’s history at Everton Park

What do a barbershop, provision shop and an aunty doing her laundry have in common?

They’re all immortalized as murals at Everton Road! As we walked along the road, the imagery evoked a feeling of ersatz fond memories. We found Khong Guan biscuit tins, old school calendars, and lao fu zi comics very carefully weaved into the murals.

These works of art are the happy display screens of Mr. Yip Yew Chong that have lived near and walked along Everton Road each day for 20 years.

When you’re in the Outram Park area, take a stroll down Everton Road and spot how many old school items you can spot that cannot be found anywhere else today!

6. Spot Some Authentic Style Houses

Just a few yards after you step off the dynamic Orchard Road, you find yourself taken back in time. At Emerald green hill you can still see the traditional houses that when where dotted everywhere. If you walk even more up the street the more authentic as well as silent it becomes.

At Koon Seng Road you will find a row of traditional Peranakan homes as they have recently been offered a sprinkle of life with a makeover by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. One of the most beautiful houses in the Katong Bakery.

7. Challenge yourself to stay fit on one of the many nature walks

Do not be fooled by all the skyscrapers – Singapore actually has its greener side too. There are numerous parks and nature reserves that allow free entries, and also they are all easily accessible via public transportation. Give on your own a different viewpoint to fire up the passion of expedition by leaving the city … without leaving it!

Some nature walk trails that you might like:

  • MacRitchie Reservoir Park
  • Lornie Road
  • Henderson Waves
  • The Southern Ridges

8. Kayak through old mangroves

When the night safari leaves you craving for a deeper bond with the jungle, head to the Mandai Mangroves in the north, a hidden treat for nature lovers. Observe the old ecosystem of these mature mangroves on a kayak as you paddle along excellent rivers as well as deserted kampongs (traditional villages) – a peaceful reminder of the times when Singapore was just sleepy coastal islands.

Keep your camera ready for horseshoe crabs, as well as don’t be stunned if a Brahminy Kite or White-Bellied Sea Eagle dives along to greet the rare visitor.

9. Labrador Nature & Coastal Walk

The eco-friendly corridor at Telok Blangah is fast becoming a nature lover’s haunt with views like the Canopy Walk of the Southern Ridges, HortPark and also Henderson Waves. However, there is a much more concealed location to experience the unspoiled beauty of nature in the form of the Labrador Nature & Coastal Walk. This serene hideout contains the Alexandra garden, Berlayer Creek mangrove route and likewise Bukit Chermin Boardwalk, and allows you to be submersed in an untainted mangrove habitat.

10. Singapore River

Take a river taxi cruise along the Singapore River for some magnificent views of the city’s skyline. You’ll go by the Merlion, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, and Marina Bay. This is a wonderful way to see the contrast between Singapore’s rejuvenated colonial buildings along the riverside and its contemporary high-rise skyscrapers buildings in the background.

11. The Parkview Museum

Occupying 1,400 sq m on the 3rd floor of the famous Art Deco-style Parkview Square simply two blocks from Bugis MRT station, The Parkview Museum is a private gallery showcasing modern art. The spacious room currently attaches the museum’s first exhibition entitled On Sharks & Humanity.

12. Bollywood Veggies

For a serene farm break, the modest Bollywood Veggies boasts a rustic farm-to-table cafe, Poison Ivy. Bollywood Veggies also hosts culinary classes, hands-on horticultural programs, and tours.

13. Singapore Zoo

Billing itself as the globe’s ideal rainforest zoo, the Singapore Zoo is a quite outstanding location. The center is tidy and welcoming, and also the animals show up well treated, with plenty of lush greenery as well as environment space.

The orangutans are specifically excellent, as well as site visitors can see as babies as well as adults alike turn high over their platforms as well as snack on fruits. There is also a large primate family member, zebras, meerkats, a komodo dragon, mole rats, white tigers, kangaroos, as well as numerous various other animals.

Visitors can observe feedings for a few of the animals. Allow a minimum of 3 hours to make your method around the zoo.

If the zoo doesn’t satisfy your requirement for obtaining close to wildlife, there’s likewise the Night Safari, River Safari (consisting of a giant panda forest), and also the Jurong Bird Park. Park hopper passes are offered if you plan to go to greater than among the wildlife parks.

For a unique and individual wildlife experience, attempt the Singapore Zoo Breakfast with the Orangutans. This hassle-free excursion includes transportation from and to your resort, enables you half day to check out the zoo, and also has an optional upgrade to appreciate breakfast among the zoo’s much-loved orangutans.

14. S.E.A. Aquarium

Counted among the most brilliant developments of mankind in the totality of Singapore, SEA Aquarium is a large aquarium housing more than 1,000 types of aquatic life including hammerhead sharks, bottlenose dolphins, and also rays. Throughout a total amount of 49 habitats, 1,00,000 aquatic animals are placed on display for visitors, making this aquarium one of the leading locations to see in Singapore for aquatic life fanatics.

Take a look at the clusters of vivid fish beyond the glass wall or go to the touch pool and also have fun with starfish as well as various other species of fish with no barrier. Besides, the place likewise offers a number of exciting, immersive experiences like diving and also sea strolling to allow one to appreciate an intimate meet the underwater globe.

15. River Safari

River Safari deserves paying a visit due to the fact that they have the cutest red panda. Its rust-colored fur, as well as fox fur, will certainly make you fall in love with it. Yet there are many more animals to see besides just pandas at this river-themed safari. This park is home to greater than 6000 animals, out of which 40 are endangered. When here do make a point to see the freshwater fish tank here which is the biggest on the planet. Bring family members and children with you and fill their eyes with pure wonder.

16. Sentosa Islands

When we think of what to see in Singapore, our minds always obtain puzzled as there are a lot of locations to see. So where shall we go? One amazing location where you get it all from fun, food to an amusement is Sentosa Island.

The aforementioned are a couple of tourist attractions in Sentosa Island, the place itself is a major traveler destination in Singapore. In the middle of the imposing structures, if an escape is what you are looking for to rejuvenate on the beach then Siloso Coastline is an excellent hotspot for obtaining some coastline time. Sentosa Island by far is jam-packed with various tasks and also numerous other coastline tourist attractions too.

Some need to do coastline activities in Siloso is a beach ball that can be played on free courts along with kayaking and also skim-boarding. An additional note deserving experience this Island supply is Underwater Globe Aquarium where you can swim with dolphins.

However, a must-see on Sentosa Island is Singapore’s well-known statue, the Merlion. Ft Siloso is additionally a need to go to destination, it is the country’s only preserved ft situated on Sentosa Island, which is one venue where taking a trip with youngsters won’t be backbreaker as there are numerous tasks for youngsters also. Take A Look At Method Eye Museum, as enjoyable it can be for kids, grownups too appreciate this real area. Find more about tour packages for Singapore.

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