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All You Need To Know About Ambitious Visit Nepal 2020

Residing in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal is a land-locked country enriched with diverse geography, consisting of elements like forests, rivers, mountains and many more. Nepal is a multiethnic country as well, with the majority of people speaking the national language ‘Nepali’. Out of the ten tallest mountains, eight are present in Nepal. The one that tops them all, Mount Everest glorifies the pride of Nepal. The views of the gigantic mountains, with the sound of mesmerizing rivers, allure the eyes of every age group from the young people to the old ones. Nepal is also the birthplace of ‘Lord Buddha’, who is known all over the world for his knowledge and wisdom. Home of beautiful sceneries, with a taste of pleasing and soothing environment, Nepal has soulful places, which are visited every year by thousands of people.

Being a developing country, Nepal has been making continuous efforts to improve its economic status. For this, Visit Nepal 2020 approach has been the most crucial economic development strategy, with a target to have two million arrivals. With the main objective of promoting the tourism industry, Visit Nepal 2020 has committed to enhancing the competitiveness of the country, by developing the infrastructures, conservation areas and the quality of the services. Along with this, efficiency in innovation and investment has been prioritized too.

The year 2020 is going to be the best time to visit Nepal for all the people who are looking forward to traveling in Nepal. To ensure that the destinations offer valuable experience to the visitors, the government has been tuning up all the attractions present there, which mainly includes the spectacle of nature and man-made heritages. From adventurous and thrilling activities to peaceful and soothing places, Nepal offers varieties of options to visitors. The visitors can be rest assured about experiencing safe and pleasing hospitality as well. Activities like bungee jumping, rafting, trekking, expedition, paragliding, cannoning, skydiving, and many more allows the people to experience the best of Nepal. 

Why Is Visit Nepal 2020 Important For Nepal?

On April 25, 2015, Nepal got hit by a devastating earthquake that took away the lives of more than 8500 people, and left many Nepalese homeless and injured. This incident was exaggerated by various media stating that Nepal has been buried under the pile of broken homes and cultural monuments. But the truth is different. The earthquake did take down old houses and temples in many districts, in which about 5 districts were majorly affected, and 7 were affected in a minor way. But the majority of the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, remained intact, along with all other destinations. Reconstruction and Renovation of the affected areas started soon, and they are said to be completed by 2020.

Due to this exaggerated news, the number of tourists went down which adversely affected Nepal’s economic condition. Visit Nepal 2020 campaign can help Nepal build a strong backbone. It will improve the economic condition of Nepal, and support the rural areas of the country, by bringing in more tourists.

Is Nepal Safe To Travel After Earthquake?

Yes, Nepal is safe to travel after earthquake, like any other place in the world. All routes and damages have been thoroughly examined by Nepal’s Tourism Board. All the areas which are not safe have been marked red by the Nepalese government, and the tourists would not be allowed to visit those areas. The airlines and infrastructures require improvement so the government has been taking necessary actions to ensure the smooth flow of tourists. National parks and most of the hiking routes are also cleared. Tourists will be ensured complete safety while visiting Nepal and the joy of the travel will also be kept alive. 

What Are The Preparations For Visit Nepal 2020?

In the year 2020, around two million tourists are expected to arrive in Nepal, as estimated by Nepal’s Tourism Board. For the successful campaign, best efforts are being made by the Nepalese government. To ensure the smooth inflow of tourists, there are plans to operate the Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) for 21 hours during the campaign, instead of 18 hours, which is current duration. Private four and five-star hotels are to be added for better and reliable accommodations. Moreover, home-stay programs have also been focused upon to help touristsexplore and experience the Nepalese lifestyle. Two new International Airports, at Pokhara and at Lumbini, are being conceptualized, and a new Airbus isbeing introduced by Nepal Airlines to provide airline services to a large number of tourists. All these preparations have strengthened the motive to boost tourism in Nepal to a greater extent.

What Experiences Can You Enjoy During The Visit In Nepal?

The experiences during the visit to Nepal will be unique and refreshing for everyone. In the Himalayas, people can enjoy trekking like Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Makalu Base Camp Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Upper Mustang Trek and many more. Likewise expedition, hiking and many other activities can be enjoyed which are fascinating and adventurous. The experiences gained while performing these activities remain in the memories of people for life. You will also be able to taste varieties of food items such as Mo: Mo, dried smoky meat,fresh water fish, yak cheese, and so on. Even traditional dishes can be explored which is not available in other parts of the world.

The handicrafts such as stone-carving, paintings, wood-crafts are widely available in the country. Such handicrafts are a great way to explore arts and artifacts, as they are prepared by the skilled Nepalese people. Some of the arts and artifacts such as thanka, cultural graffiti, and designs on temples and monuments have always pleased the tourists, offering them a taste of Nepal that is distinct from other countries.

Similarly, the ones who love to experience exotic cultural traditions will definitely find it a pleasure to explore masked dancers, sacred chants, flute players, living Goddess (the Kumari), museums, and so on. Festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Teej, Buddha Jayanti, Shiva Ratri, and so on have helped the Nepalese cultures and traditions flourish. Nepal is rich in biodiversity as well, so, enjoying Jungle Safaris during a visit to conservation areas can also be a decent choice for many tourists who love wildlife. People will be able to enjoy the alluring beauty of forests and mountains and dive into the amazing nightlife in major places of Nepal, from dawn till dusk. 


In short, the Visit Nepal 2020 shall be one the most mesmerizing experiences for all the visitors, and especially after the earthquake, Nepal can again be the perfect destination for travelers to explore the fascinating beauty of mountains, cultures and biodiversity.

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