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Healthy Menu For Road Trip and Camping Meal Ideas

Traveling with food allergies can be difficult. And parents traveling with a child, or children with severe food allergies, should plan ahead to make sure they are filled with healthy food to feed the family when not at home.

Here is a list of some of our favorite dishes that you can eat on long journeys by car and at the campsite. We prepare some of the food in advance and freeze it so that it is heated in our 12 V cook top on the go. Since we cannot take the opportunity to eat in a restaurant or hope to find a health food store on our long journeys through the back streets, this system has helped us leave the house and be miles away.

Other great food options are now available in boxes and packaging at local health food stores, which is very convenient. I make all our bread from scratch, including waffles, donuts, crackers, scones, pie crusts, etc. However, many of these items are also milk and preservative-free and available at your health food store.

Here are some of our favorites

Breakfast The heat to be heated, which is vacuum-sealed, can be placed in an aluminum pan and heated in the stove of the lunch box. If your child has goat milk or cheese products; otherwise, leave him out.

  • Eggs and toast served with fresh fruit, bacon, potatoes, and juice
  • Breakfast bars (of course homemade)
  • Pancakes and waffles in syrup or agave nectar served with fresh fruit, bacon, potatoes, and juice
  • French toast with syrup and powdered sugar served with scrambled eggs, bacon, and juice
  • Bagel (homemade), served with mayonnaise, without ham, a slice of tomato and goat cheese
  • Yogurt muesli with slices of fresh fruit
  • Gluten-free cereals with rice milk
  • Country roast with diced potatoes, bell pepper, onions, tomatoes, goat cheese, garnished with eggs, salt, and pepper

Healthy Snacks Healthy snacks can be served cold with minimal effort

  • Buffalo Jerky nitrates free, homemade popcorn, chemical-free crisps, pretzels, homemade cookies
  • Fresh fruit, apple slices, bananas, oranges, strawberries, grapes, fresh vegetables, carrots, celery, etc.
  • Dried fruits and nuts, dates, apricots, figs, plums, grapes, etc.
  • Candied fruit, small oranges, fruit cocktail, applesauce, peaches, etc.

Lunch each meal contains a side dish, side dishes, a side dish, and a homemade sandwich

  • Sandwiches, egg salad, tuna salad, BLT, bacon, and Turkish avocado, ham and goat cheese, etc.
  • Pasta, pasta salad, macaroni salad, rice noodle soup, a cup of healthy soup, pasta with sauce, pasta with meatballs, pasta dish
  • Chicken pie, meat pie
  • Entertaining food, no corn nitrate corn, homemade gluten-free chicken sticks, fish and chips
  • A homemade sandwich without dairy products without preservatives, without katsup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, goat cheese and potato chips, corn chips or fresh fruit
  • Fish and rice, salmon, tilapia or other white fish
  • Dairy-free pizza – can be prepared and heated at 12 V since the stove is on

The side dishes that are included in each dish are a combination of the following side dishes

  • Baked beans – can be made in advance or purchased in a box and heated in a 12-volt baking sheet
  • Fresh vegetables – corn on the cob, broccoli, mashed potatoes, green beans, peas, etc.
  • Buns, toast with honey or jam, breadsticks, homemade crackers, etc.
  • Rice – white rice, brown rice, wild rice, Spanish rice, pilaf, couscous, etc.
  • Pita chips, corn chips, potato chips, pretzels or other non-preservative milk-free chips

Dinner The main dishes are served on both sides, prepared in an advanced system, sealed under vacuum and heated in boiling water or a 12 V cooker:

  • Fish and rice – salmon, tilapia, trout, tuna, etc.
  • Chicken and rice
  • Steaks – ribs, strips, sirloin steak, etc. Served with baked potatoes, green legs, broccoli, and sandwich.
  • Mexican cuisine – enchilada, tacos, bean burritos, tortilla soup, green peppers, Spanish rice, etc. Served with lettuce, black beans, beans, rice, fries, and salsa.
  • Cornbread pepper
  • Chicken pâté
  • Stew, chili, sloppy Joes, etc. Served with salad, vegetables, and sandwich

Quick meals these meals are pre-cooked, vacuum-packed, frozen, and ready to heat in a 12-volt range cooker on the go. The cooking time varies between 30 minutes and 1 1/2 hours. Simply heat in a 12V stove, camping stove or cooks in hot water and eats with a side dish.

  • Mexican cuisine – burritos, enchiladas, tacos, beans, and rice
  • Italian cuisine – pasta, pizza, and soups
  • Irish cuisine – stews, cakes, mashed potatoes
  • Fish – shrimp, salmon, crab stew
  • Beef – stews, steaks, peppers, burgers
  • Chicken – roasting pan, fingers
  • Sandwiches – Tuna, Egg, PB & J, Ham, Turkey, BLTs
  • Snacks – potato chips, crackers, fruit, fresh vegetables, breakfast bars, cereals, cookies
  • Deserts – cakes, shoemakers, applesauce, fruit, cakes

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