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Empower Your Marketing With the Story of How You Started Your Business

Marketing business to clients is no longer what it used to be. Companies had it easy to win customer loyalty. Nowadays, marketing your new business idea involves you do so by telling the story of your business, until people become familiar with it.

You can start by sharing why you started the business, the problem your product or service will solve, and what makes your business different from others. Sharing this information can lay the right foundation for your marketing.

You may choose to follow the story of a family business that customers have been supporting for years or you can tell your story.

Your business is new, it is better to tell your customers why you started the business. If you receive support from them, it will be because of the business you are doing.

Why starting your business?

Before you set out on this business, it is possible you discovered there is a problem that needs to be solved. This could have prompted you to find a solution to the problem, one that you created a business from to provide solutions for other people. Develop a marketing strategy based on your story; the problem and how you got the solution for it.

If you have no particular moment, but have enough experience in a certain field, the key here is to concentrate on the problem. Find a particular problem and show the solution you discovered for it. This is your business. If you couldn’t find organic, locally homemade ice cream where you stay, what was your initial experience when you started the production of ice cream? What was the taste like?

Let your story be connected to your best customers

Your customers are facing the same problem you had, which is the problem your business is now solving. They may be frustrated like you when you faced the same problem.

Your aim should be to market your business to them by relating your story and letting them know you’ve got the solution. You don’t need to focus on lots of potential customers; you can concentrate on your best customers at first or look for the ideal customers among the numerous potentials and focus on them. Concentrating on a small number of clients initially will help you perfect your story, your business website and other areas of your marketing to address the right audience in an appropriate and attractive manner.

Where to start your story from?

The starting point of your story is as important as the story itself. Not everyone will be attracted to ice cream during snowfall. This is applicable to  reaching the right customers with the right message at the right time. You need to know the channels where you can easily find your customers and concentrate your marketing on that channel. One viable channel you shouldn’t do without is a website. If you don’t have one developed yet, consider getting a domain name for starters.

For example, if you found out most of your target audience use a review sites like Yelp to research about ice cream, you must ensure that your Yelp page contains enough and the right information about your business.

You must ensure that the images and text on your business page are in line with your business plans and other marketing plans. If you have a funny story, don’t make your Yelp page extremely serious. Consistency should be key when relating with your audience.

You don’t need a new or exciting story.

If your business story can remain as it is for another century, you don’t need to bother about presenting it as new or cutting edge. The problem your business provides solutions to may not be something new, but it could still be distinct from others, like the ice cream. Your story will not be the same story as someone else’s. You only need to be honest about it.

Be specific about what you experienced; what you went through before you could release your product to the public. Whether you learned any new thing about your industry or discovered peppermint stick is the best ice cream you like to eat during the summer. Whatever you passed through, let your customers know that you’re unique, including your business and product.

You own your business story

When you’re starting your business, you have no legacy or history to rely on to empower your marketing. You depend on the solution you discovered to help your customers. Share your story with your customers, let them know why you’re doing the business. This will make your customers relate with the human connection behind the product.Don’t be shy to tell your story

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