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Hair Extension – Top 5 Best To Get Natural Looking Hair

You want long locks, sparkling, full in volume hair but cannot handle to maintain them; Hair extensions will be the right options to go for.

Hair extensions are dime a dozen. The market is full of the various brands ranging from different colour, texture, length and most importantly applying method. So, here in this post, we are going to provide you with the list of top 5 hair extensions, which can help you in shaping the right hairstyle.

Top 5 Hair Extensions

You need to choose the hair extension very carefully, it can affect your natural hair, your skin and most importantly you can get caught by your envious friends in a party.

Utmost important in choosing a hair extension, the application method, long gone are the days when we had to use clipping hair extensions, which was very easy in application, but a blind person could have told you that you have applied for hair extensions. Tap-in hair extensions are the new sensation in the market, so get the list and choose the best texture, colour, and length accordingly your natural hair.

Babe Hair Extension

One of the most used followed and the forefathers of hair extensions industry– Babe Hair Extension.

If you a brand freak, and only get the classy stuff to put on, this will be the most suitable choice for you.

One of the oldest and most prestigious human hair authorities around the globe is Babe Hair extension.

The synthetic coating makes our hair looks fake, but here the state-of-the-art technology used in the manufacturing of this product provides a radiant and smooth texture.

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

Again if you want to get at least 12-15 inch lengths in your hair, Hidden Crown Hair extension is a nice option to grab.

You will have to use a wire crown to get it applied to your hair, the write will easily be concealed with the natural comb over your hair.

Applying method is very quick, painless, and you will have a full texture with a unique style within a few minutes.

These Hidden Crown Hair extensions do not disrupt the natural hair and its growth, nor it leads to breakage of the hair.

Bombay Hair Extensions

One of the wide ranges of colour, width with pieces, heights in inches and in different textures, a Bombay Hair extensions is one-stop-shop for all age group women.

Online customer support of this beauty product is up to the mark, and you can have the advice of them about your hair matching, which in my opinion is one of the hectic jobs to do.

Shoot an email to them, along with the copy of your hair snaps, and get the response in minutes or sometimes in hours.

Balmain Hair Extension

If you really do not want to get your hair follicle damaged or crushed with the hair extensions, Balmain Hair extension is must have an option.

This leading fashion house has dressed many international celebrities around the globe, and they got a research lab to diagnose the hair damage due to hair extensions and trying to lower that damage.

Balmain Hair extension is enriched with protein and silk to give a natural look to your hair.

Top 5 Best Hair Extension to Get Natural Looking Hair Young woman with hair straightener

Hairdo Highlight Wrap

For those who always get late in reaching somewhere, and need a hair extension which could give their hair a fresh look within a few minutes, Hairdo Highlight Wrap is a goodie for those.

With this hair extension, you can have an eek to chic look within a few minutes, and they never know it is not real hair.

Cinderella Hair Extension

Cinderella Hair extension is another name of perfection, I can assure you no other hair extension can provide you with the blend of natural hair and hair extensions, like the way they do.

You can easily add 12-24 inches in your hair length; choose the best hair texture, along with the best hair colour from the wide range of colours.

Either you are hunting for the volume of the hair, pop of colour, this brand offers a high quality of hair extensions.

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