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How Physical Therapy Can Help A Bad Back

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing worse than having a bad back. Pain elsewhere in the body can be tolerated much more easily. However, having a bad back can be vastly different. The good news is that physical therapy can help a bad back in a variety of ways. This article takes a look at this and how you can help to make your back better.

Why You May Have A Bad Back

There are many reasons for having a bad back. Perhaps you lifted something that was a little too heavy. Alternatively, you may not have lifted it correctly. Some people hurt their backs by turning awkwardly or sleeping in the wrong position. There are many other reasons why someone may hurt their back. Whatever the case may be, there is usually help available.

Who Can Help You With Your Bad Back

One of the first ports of call is usually a doctor. If you have sudden back pain or pain that’s getting worse it makes sense to ask for help.

You can also get help from a chiropractic and PT team in your local area. A PT (physical therapist) can help you to strengthen your back muscles. They can also tell you how to help prevent making your back any worse in the future.

Some doctors will even recommend that patients see a physical therapist. This is because they know that this type of treatment often helps.

Why Physical Therapy Can Help

Physical therapy can help your bad back because you can learn how to safely exercise your muscles. You can also learn how to move in such a way that your back has time to heal.

If you have hurt your back, you’re unlikely to be given any exercises until the pain has lessened. If you are in a lot of pain your doctor may offer you some medication.

As soon as the pain has lessened and you’re able to move around a little more, you may be given some exercises.

Doing Your Exercises At Home

Your physical therapist will ask you to do some exercises at home. While you may feel nervous about this, the exercises can help. Depending on where your pain is and why you’re in pain, you could exercise up to 2 times a day.

The Benefit Of Regular Physical Therapy Sessions

If your physical therapist has given you exercises to do, they will need to see you again. Your PT will want to monitor your progress. They’ll also want to ensure that you’ve not hurt yourself even further.

One of the benefits of regular physical therapy sessions is that they can help you in the future. Today, you can learn how to move properly and help to reduce further injuries. As a result, your back is less likely to get any worse.

Regular input from your physical therapist and exercises that are completed regularly can ensure that back pain is more manageable. This is why it’s worth considering having physical therapy.

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