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6 Best Tips For Protecting Stone In The Home

Is your home installed with natural stone flooring? Do you think that how should you do the maintenance of stone in the house? Here, we are going to emphasize it that what are the best tips to protect stone in the home. Let us check it out more about it in a discreet manner.

Regular Cleaning

Natural stones do come up with the tendency of having dust and other pollutants. It happens more if your garden has walkways and patio. Regular cleaning is, indeed, essential. You need to make sure that you are going to create clean each party and need to stay stick to it. If you do not need to attend its regular basis, your stone will start having a layer of dust. It would be better to go with a rug or mat and cover the exposed areas of the city to keep it safe from dust particles.

Do wash and clean your feet before entering the house so that it remains clean and good to go. Following this way also helps to lower the amount of dust entering the house. If you have natural stone oriented kitchen countertop, then you require to keep it clean after cooking and serving. Do always have a cloth or brush the countertop and clean it quickly in case of a spill happens. Regular cleaning is the easiest and best option to go ahead if you want to keep your stone safe and protected.

Prevent It From Stains

The fact cannot be ignored that a home with natural stone flooring always looks amazing and precious. These days more houses are considering going with natural stone since it looks amazingly beautiful and lovely. There is a perception that it might need high maintenance. But, there is nothing entirely like this. Here, we are going to tell how you can prevent stains, indeed.

6 Best Tips For Protecting Stone In The Home

  • It would help if you made sure that cleaning spillage up fast so that this fluid would not penetrate the stone matrix. It helps to not stained.
  • The next thing on the list is sealing the stone so that moisture would not require penetration.

Yes! Sealing stone is quite essential, indeed. If you do have a home with young children or pets, then sealing stone emerges as a good insurance policy. It helps to make a family stay-fewer worries to keep it clean. Over the years, sealant formulations have improved a lot. Moreover, some manufacturers also do claim that their sealer will perform in a significant way. It also depends on the amount as well as the nature of traffic. Make sure that you are not going with the cheap products since they do have short working lives. Here, it needs to go with generic, floor-sealant or all-purpose stone. Make sure that you are going with specially formulated for the type of rock as well as its surface finish.

Good Quality Stain Removal

Make sure that you are going with good quality stain removal. You should keep your stone safe from strong acid such as lemon juice. To put in simple words, lemon juice gets dissolved the cement, which leads to carbonate deposits. And this spot will not go until buffing or grinding is done. Please go-ahead to hire a professional to have this service. Natural Stone Pavers do have extensive experience in this field, and that is why they can assist you in a better way. Acidic solutions are a big “NO” when it comes to clean the natural stone pavers. Acidic Solutions lead to change in the context of texture and color. Not only lemon juice but also vinegar is not allowed to use. Always go with plain water to clean up the surface.

Use Fluffy Mops Or Clothes

It will be ideal if you go with fluffy mops or clothes to maintain the beauty of the stone of your home. You should never go with hard clothes or mopes in order to clean the surface. It would be ideal to go with delicate material only. Always take care while using a vacuum cleaner so that the floor having stone will not have a scratch. Here, it needs to mention that the chances of having scratches get increased when the vacuum cleaner is used. It would be ideal to avoid it and go with brushes to clean the surface quickly. Do check brushes before buying that it is coming up with softest bristles. Do prevent hard bristles and never use hard water. Experts say that one should always go with warm and cold water in order to stay to clean natural stone.

Do Not Place Hot Vessels Directly To Stone

Never let your stone come in direct contact of cooking vessels and plates. Placing hot vessels or place can lead to affecting the beauty of stones. Natural stone supplier experts say that it can injure the surface of the stone. It will be ideal if you go with mats of clothes in between the rock and vessel. It would be perfect to go with coasters in the house. Moreover, you should also take care that your kids do not walk around with food.

Do Not Ignore Damage And Fix It Quickly

The next thing you need to make sure that never ignore the damage done on stone. You should call the professionals to fix them. They do take less time and fix it professionally in a better way. Never think that it is only a tiny crack on the stone since you do not know how costly repairing it can lead to. The natural stone supplier also says that leaving untreated a crack means, it can get bigger, giving an unpleasant look to your home. Treating issues at the earliest is the best thing to go.

In The Last

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with these tips to keep your stone clean and fresh.

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