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Ingredients of a Conversion Magnet Social Media Contest

The Internet is full of attention spree. It is at a really high level. The fight to keep your followers and customers connected to your brand’s social media accounts is a constant struggle. With that prediction in mind, what is the maneuver that most brands are turning to in order to drum up interest?

Content of a successful social media contest

To win social media competitions requires adequate planning and careful strategic execution. The mechanics for thinking are real runs of prizes, registrations, and contests. And any wrong results can result in consequences that may or may not negatively affect your business.

Therefore, here is a list of things that you should keep in mind before planning and execution of social media competition can really begin.

Sufficient budget and clear goals

One of the staples of any social media marketing is to ensure that you have a set budget and attainable goals for the match. Your goals should be measurable, relevant, specific and time-bound.

Keep in mind that the purpose of social media competition is to provide value to your business:

Valuable Award

Running a successful social media contest considers both the grounds to be considered and the rewards to be distributed. They must be sufficiently intriguing to drum up interest, and consequently, get their target customers on board. You can also be the central focus of the competition itself.

Remember that you do not want people to enter to win. You want to turn these competitors into returning customers. In addition, you also want to attract people who want to join your business, not just those who constantly hunt to join the competition.

Proper Social Network

This is a social media competition, so think about where it is going to be? Will you host it on Instagram? Maybe Twitter or Facebook? Or maybe Snapchat as well. The more social media platforms you are using, the larger the scope of your responsibility.

Registration Mechanics

Being a social media network, you can proceed to explore registration mechanics – or entry requirements.

Remember to keep entry requirements simple. You do not want to prevent your audience from entering due to overly complicated entry planning.

Perfect software

If your social media competition is straightforward, you may not need software. But if data collection is part of your competition, you will need software to manage and build the whole thing.

The good news is that you have many software packages to choose from and to help you complete it.

Competition Period

In deciding the timeline of your social media contest, pay attention to the important elements. Experts recommend that you work from the date you want to announce the winners.

Rules for organizing social media competition

Don’t forget to read the rules of social media contests that you should do for each social media platform. Clarify the legal requirements and conform to them all to avoid walking down the road in hiccups.

Pre-launch a promotional strategy

Do not start a competition right off the bat. Give your entrants time to get ready, and of course, build the hype that will lead to more participation and generation.

In writing content to promote your social media contest before launch, keep your posts short but sweet. Stack the uniqueness and value of the rewards you are giving.

For the most part, you will rely largely on social media platforms and your own website to increase the popularity of your competition. But if you have an extra budget, don’t shy away from paid promotions.

Everyone who enters and shares other news about your competition has the ability to return to a brand advocate and customer. Keep in mind that contests are not just for popping new emails into the lead list and increasing the number of followers. This is meant to inspire conversions down the road.

Competitive Management

You are going to work with a lot of people in this entire competition. Competitors and interested people will have questions and opinions to broadcast about your competition. Some will be a piece of cake to address, but others will be a bit more complicated.

Even for simplified competitions, managing your community of entrants is a difficult task and is important.

For this reason, you need to make a solid plan on your team members, who will oversee and moderate social media posts on weekdays. Think about how you will manage them during the weekend and at night when you are out of the office.

Damage Control Plan

If you do not have one yet, a better time is to create a concrete plan to deal with the social media crisis. When everything goes well and you get everything managed brilliantly

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