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Does Every Business Need To Be Engaged In Social Media Marketing On The Internet?

To do or not to do social media marketing? That is the question!

Talking to the owner of a very successful business the other day it occurred to me ‘does this business need social media marketing (SMM)? – The immediate, glaringly obvious answer to me, of course, is ‘yes’ – however, I would like to consider this carefully and see if, even to my business detriment, if the answer is actually ‘no’.

To do this we have to clearly and carefully consider the cases for and against!

For Social Media Marketing for a successful business

Let’s look at everything that social media enables apart from the lead generation which of course it does too.

  1. Customer services

SMM creates an opportunity for us to be able to immediately respond to customers. Set up features whereby clients can immediately engage with a company and air their grievances.

It is statistically proven that if a customer has a route to engage with a company immediately and have an outlet where they can have a moan and are responded to, they are more likely to return, stay as a customer and sing that company’s praises!

  1. Customer retention

As above, SMM allows companies to keep in touch with their existing clients through many channels. Not just email.

  1. Community

This is becoming a highly vital part of every company – the community they create both internally and externally. If a company is creative and fun and comes up with a feast of engaging tactics within their community they will retain existing clients and attract new ones.

  1. Communication

Special offers, changes, news – all of these things are part of customer retention but worth mentioning as their point. SMM allows all of these communications to take place in an effective and highly targeted way. If you have your community segmented with profiles etc. Then all of these communications can be tailored exactly to your customers’ needs and wants. This is called ‘personalization’ and this exactly what web 2.0 is all about and had enabled.

  1. Personality and voice
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– Businesses today have a personality and a voice. This also enables community. SMM allows a company voice to speak to everyone, potentially. However, more importantly, the business can speak to its stakeholders at any given moment through the most appropriate channels.

Social Media Marketing for a successful business

Nothing in life is free! There is a distinct and exceptionally costly cost to social media; if you don’t do it right. Like any other traditional marketing, you would undertake for your business if you don’t do the research and if you don’t plan it properly it can go wrong.

Getting traditional marketing wrong typically costs a lot of money. TV, print, radio, etc. Carry a very high price tag. However, the time cost is relatively low. Social media marketing, on the other hand, carries a high time price-tag and relatively low financial one. For instance, if you want to get success on Instagram, just share your posts timely and promote them by buying Instagram followers.

So bearing all this in mind. Does a successful company need to do social media marketing? I don’t think the answer is a generic one. Each particular business is different and that decision needs to be made individually.

Tips to Increase Referral Traffic For Your Website

Do you know about referral traffic? No? Here I give you some ideas about referral traffic. Easily, Visitor comes to your website from some other website such as forum posting, social bookmarking, social networking sites, and guest post directory submission and so on…

Guest Posting:

Guest posting will pass the value of your domain authority and helps to increase major search engines. Guest post builds your brand recognition and it will generate direct referral traffic, sending people to your website from another website which you have originally posted.

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There are Some Tips for a Successful Guest Post:

Look for higher-profile post sources – Another thing is to choose the most relevant sources because if you get more clicking from the raw volume of a reader are not interested in what you’re selling. Your guest post strategy may be naturally inclined to select sources that fall in line with your industry. But it becomes easy after that a new potential opportunity. Posting your content on high DA site it will help you in both the above things. A bigger website having more traffic and different types of categories. Then you can select more relevance category and publish in that.

Put your referral link into your content. Do not put into BIO because rarely click from the author BIO. No one is interested in your author’s bio.

If you have a major priority to the increase referral traffic the go through the “No-follow” links. But it will increase your chances of getting penalized by Google.

Promote your page using social bookmarking sites. Link with onsite blog and other guest posting website opportunities. And generates as much attention as possible for your work and get the greatest number of eyes on your words.


If you want to your website will rank. Then you have to need some of the quality link from the other domains and traffic from the other website is very useful for their websites.

Another way is if you build a link on a low-quality website but this having good traffic then your website gets more traffic as well as get a better rank from the search engine.

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Blog Commenting:

Make sure your content will be clean and clear and give a positive review on the blog.

Another way is to comment on questions of Quora as well as stack overflow. If you clear about the answer to the questions is surely into your blog then you can comment on to Quora and stack overflow question is highly effective as well as you get traffic.

Social Media:

Share posts frequently on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. And join as well as a social marketing community site. Instagram is the third largest search engine and it will help you to promote your business in a huge market so simply you can’t ignore it. You can run an Instagram ad campaign or buy Instagram likes to increase your brand exposure. Social media marketing is time-consuming but you must work with this.

Select only the social media that are working for you. If you get less result from a selected social platform like Facebook. Then skip that and go to Instagram.

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