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7 Big Benefits of Using PDF Files for Business

PDF refers to portable document format. It is a file format in which image and text documents are displayed independent from an operating system, software, or hardware. PDF was introduced in the 1990s by Adobe.

PDF has continued to gain popularity as a preferred way of document presentation over the years, particularly in corporate setups. Other than images and texts, PDF is compatible with other digital content. PDF also works perfectly with logical structuring elements, 3-D data formats, and layers.

There are a lot of benefits that come with the use of PDFs. If you often convert word documents to PDF, then you understand what it means to use PDF in your business.

Here are 7 benefits of using PDF for business:

Document format is always retained

Although Microsoft Word is a popular documentation software, it is not the best to use when sharing documents. This is because there are many MS Word versions which means that every time you share documents on different computers, the format is automatically changed. This can be frustrating and time-consuming.

This is different from PDF. It doesn’t matter how many times you share your documents on different computers, your original format will always be maintained. So you won’t have to worry about redoing or reformatting your work.

Files can be password-protected

As long as you are operating a business that interacts with customers, chances are that you store a certain level of their sensitive information. Considering the rise in the number of cyberattacks in recent years, it is important to protect sensitive documents with passwords.

The good thing about PDF files is that they can be easily protected using passwords. This means that only authorized individuals can access your business documents.

PDFs can be opened in any operating system

This is another major benefit of using PDFs in your business. They are compatible with all popular operating systems available in the market. Whether you are using a Mac or PC, you are sure that your PDF file will open.

Small file size

As a business owner, you would want a documentation format that saves space. PDF files consume minimal space compared to other formats. This is because PDF has a way of compressing data without affecting the quality of a document.

It supports no-text elements

A documented software like Microsoft Word is highly limited in terms of the amount of data they can hold. You are likely to lose photos, videos, and images when you transfer a word document from one computer to another.

But with PDF, you can insert, images, links, and drawings and they won’t be interfered with during transfer.

It’s a universal format

PDF format is known and used worldwide. It is easy to view and share the information stored in PDF files. This makes it easy for your business to share information with customers and other business partners.

PDF is futuristic

The fact that PDF has been accepted globally as a reliable format for documentation means that it is here to stay.

In a nutshell, there are numerous benefits of using PDF for your business.

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