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A Quick Guide To T Shirt Printing Techniques

The trend of customised t shirts is rising quickly due to the fact that people are now becoming more interested in showing off their personal sense of style, individuality, or loyalty to certain themes. Custom printed t shirts can be used to create logos, quirky or funny one liner, print pictures, or show your support to your favourite band, TV show or celebrity.

There are several companies in the market that can help create custom printed t shirts for their enthusiastic customers. You can opt for customised t shirts online in India with your favourite themes, logos and pictures. Here is a quick guide on different techniques used for t shirt printing.

Screen printing method

One of the methods that companies use for custom printing t shirts is known as the screen printing method. As the name suggests, in the screen printing method, a mesh is used to transfer ink from one surface to a ‘screen’. A stencil in placed on the surface of the screen so that certain areas of the T shirt are made opaque. This stencil depends upon the design, theme or logo which the customer wants on his t shirt.

A blade is swept across the surface of the screen to transfer the ink from one surface to another, and then a reverse stroke is made to cause the screen to touch the other surface for a second. The ink is able to wet the t shirt in certain areas, except the ones which have been blocked by the stencil, thus creating a customised design or logo on the T shirt.

Transfer printing method

Transfer printing method of creating customised t shirts is another very popular method which is used by companies for creating custom printed t shirts. In this method of printing, high temperature ink along with the usage of heat causes the prints to be transferred on to the surface of the t shirt.

This method is better than screen printing as the high temperature ink creates bright and vivid colours and is long lasting and durable. It does not wash away easily; however, it does leave a rubbery surface feeling on the areas where the ink has been transferred.

Digital printing method

This is one of the most popular methods of creating custom printed t shirts because the manufacturer is able to create very intricate and delicate designs with the help of a computer. There is little margin of error as the computer is creating a digital print first, which is then printed on to the surface of the t shirt using digital or inkjet printers.

While the cost of this method is higher than transfer printing or screen printing, the results are far better. The manufacturer can also create multiple custom t shirts at a faster speed than with the other two methods of t shirt printing.

Offset printing method

Offset printing method is another popular method of t shirt printing used by companies. In this method, an image is transferred from a plate, to a rubber surface and then on to the t shirt. This method of printing is also known as machine based printing. In the modern process of offset printing, large reels of paper are fed through the machine, which is continuously printed as the paper goes through the machine.

The method of printing is quite fast as compared to other printing methods and the print created is reliable. The only downside is that this method of printing is better suited for large quantities of products rather than a few t shirts to be custom printed.

So, these are some of the most popular methods of customizing t shirts used by the companies nowadays. All you have to do is order your customised t shirts online in India by visiting the website and choosing your very own custom printed t shirt!

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