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How to Use UpNest to Match In-Market Sellers and Buyers with Top Agents

How to Use UpNest to Match In-Market Sellers and Buyers with Top Agents

In the digital age, the first instinct of almost everyone is to turn to the internet for secure solutions. From finding listings to landing mortgage deals, the internet has the answer for everything.

However, when it comes to real estate, many still resort to old school methods to find real estate agents. It is not only time consuming, but far from efficient.

Thomas Lambck was also facing the same dilemma after interviewing a couple of local agents. It was tedious, and he was nowhere near finding the right agent who could close the deal. Soon he discovered UpNest and hired the agent Mike Bottaro to list his 4,633 square foot home in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

Lmbck was quite surprised when the sale came through within the next 36 hours and for an amount, which was $25,000 above the listing price. Not only that, but he also managed to save $7.740 in commission. Lmbck is not the first or only one to benefit from UpNest.

Throughout the years, UpNest has helped its customers save over $30 million in commission rates while surpassing their expectations on real estate deals. If you want to follow their experiences to sell your home and save on real estate commission, do not wait any longer to try out UpNest.

Why UpNest is Different

What you need are solid facts, figures, and, most importantly, the client experiences to know how trustworthy an agent is. UpNest has an entirely transparent and efficient system that allows customers to compare agents and arrive at informed decisions based on their performance data.

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This online platform gives you access to a database of over 17,000 highly qualified and established real estate agents.

Under normal circumstances, these top agents are used to demanding high listing fees by promising faster closing and better prices. However, in UpNest, each agent has access to the same clientele, which increases the competition, encouraging them to lower their rates in return for your business.

As the agents cannot see what other realtors are proposing, the most effective approach for them is to offer you the best services possible, at the best commission rates. There is no better way to ensure that every realtor is putting forward their best cards.

How to Find Agents on UpNest

Many a time, it is not merely the numbers that tell you whether an agent can meet your demands or not. You need to engage in a conversation to see whether you can trust this person. For that, UpNest has developed an effective method to find the right agent from its database.

All you have to do is to enter your requirements on the website and wait for proposals from agents. In the next 24 hours, you will receive bids from agents, including their rates. Clients can then proceed to interview these realtors, check their service reviews, and decide whom to hire.

Unlike other online services, you are not required to pay any fees other than the fees charged by the realtor. On the other hand, you would also be able to see their rates, including the buyer’s commission upfront.

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In the current real estate market, with the housing shortage and increasing demand, real estate agents play a crucial role in finding you the right deals. UpNest is the straightforward solution to one of the challenges at the moment; finding a reliable realtor and landing the best commission rates.

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