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Sometimes Gum Can Be a Reason for a Better Facial Appearance

Getting a well-defined jawline doesn’t have to mean having complicated surgery. There are non-invasive methods that can help you align your jaw. One of them is mewing. You can also use such a simple item as gum to get the dream look and fix some misalignments. From this article, you can learn how chewing gum can influence the way your face looks and find information about the best gum for jawline.

Chewing Gum Can Help You with Training Your Jaw Muscles

Chewing gum is very simple and uncomplicated. Probably, you have already chewed gum at least a couple of times. Some people use it after every meal. Aside from refreshing your breath and helping you with keeping your teeth healthier, chewing gum trains eight muscles in your face, including the masseter muscle, temporalis muscle, lateral pterygoid muscle, and medial pterygoid muscle.

When you chew gum, you need to use a bit of strength. Chewing is not complicated, but when done regularly, can strengthen your muscles, and in effect make your jawline stronger and more visible. Additionally, if you exercise regularly, you can also reduce fat from your chin, minimizing your double chin problem. Because of that, a simple piece of gum can lead to a better facial appearance.

How to Choose the Best Gum for a Better Facial Appearance

There are various shapes and flavors of gum. They have different ingredients, so the choice is endless. When it comes to choosing the best gum for the jawline, you also have a lot of choices. One of the best is natural mastic gum.

This gum is created from drops of resin that come from the mastic tree. It is popular in the Middle East and Greece and has been used for centuries. As it derives from a tree, mastic gum is completely natural. Additionally, it tastes good and the taste doesn’t disappear, no matter how long you chew on it. And yes! This gum is reusable and sugar-free!

Mastic gum tends to be very hard. This is why you need to control your chewing and not overwork your jaw. If you connect this gum with the mewing technique, you can expect results quite fast.

Some other benefits of chewing mastic gum include:

  • losing weight,
  • reducing fat in the chin and neck area,
  • improving your tongue posture.

While mastic gum is the best choice, you also need to remember the fact that there are some downsides to it. Because it is 10 times harder than regular chewing gum, if you use it too much, you might experience jaw pain or even damage to dental fillings. It also costs more.

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