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FIFA Football World Cup Winners

Football had spread across Europe by the early 20th century, but it lacked an international organization. Representatives of the football associations of Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland formed the Fédération International de Football Association (FIFA) in 1904.Even though football is one of the most popular sports, whether you play competitively or just for fun, it helps you keep fit and provides the health benefits of other aerobic activities as well as strengthening exercises.

It is a popular sport for both kids and adults and can be played in a team or just casually in the garden or local park. The sport of association football, also called soccer or football, is played by 250 million people in over 200 countries and dependencies, making it the most popular sport in the

When played frequently, football can be hard on your joints as compared to other non-weight-bearing activities like swimming or cycling. If you experience any ongoing pain during or after playing football, or if you are unsure that football is the right sport for you, seek medical advice.

The benefits of playing football include lowering your risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Football counts towards your recommended amount of aerobic activity. By playing it frequently, you should notice an increase in your endurance as well as your cardiovascular health.

In addition to increasing stamina, improving cardiovascular health, reducing body fat, increasing muscle tone and strength, and improving coordination, running, walking, sprinting and kicking can also increase bone strength and improve coordination.

The regular practice of sports can also reduce symptoms of depression and stress, increase confidence and self-esteem, and reduce anxiety.

Health Benefits of Football

  • Improving blood pressure and heart health
  • Inactive individuals can increase their muscle mass and bone strength
  • Weight loss by reducing body fat
  • Strengthening, sustaining, and increasing speed
  • Strengthen your brain, concentration, and coordination
  • Boost confidence, socialize, building team spirit

Finest Football Players

Football’s finest players and greatest icons remain the brilliant individualists: the gifted midfield playmakers, the dazzling wingers, or the second forwards linking the midfield to the principal attacker. Some leading postwar exponents have included Pelé, Rivaldo, and Ronaldo (Brazil), Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi (Argentina), Roberto Baggio and Francesco Totti (Italy), Michel Platini and Zinedine Zidane (France), George Best (Northern Ireland), Stanley Matthews and Paul Gascoigne (England), Ryan Giggs (Wales), Luis Figo, Eusébio, and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), and Jim Baxter and Derek Johnstone (Scotland).

FIFA men’s World Cup winners

Winners of the FIFA men’s World Cup are provided in the table.

FIFA World Cup—men
*Won after extra time (AET).
**Won on penalty kicks.
1954West Germany3Hungary2
1966England*4West Germany2
1974West Germany2Netherlands1
1982Italy3West Germany1
1986Argentina3West Germany2
1990West Germany1Argentina0

FIFA women’s World Cup winners

Winners of the FIFA women’s World Cup are provided in the table.

FIFA World Cup—women
*Won on penalty kicks.
1991United States2Norway1
1999United States*0China0
2011Japan*2United States2
2015United States5Japan2
2019United States2Netherlands0

UEFA Champions League winners

Winners of the UEFA Champions League are provided in the table.

UEFA Champions League*
seasonwinner (country)runner-up (country)score
*Known as the European Cup from 1955–56 to 1991–92.
**Final replayed after the first match ended in a 1–1 draw.
***Won in a penalty kick shoot-out.
1955–56Real Madrid (Spain)Stade de Reims (France)4–3
1956–57Real Madrid (Spain)Fiorentina (Italy)2–0
1957–58Real Madrid (Spain)AC Milan (Italy)3–2 (OT)
1958–59Real Madrid (Spain)Stade de Reims (France)2–0
1959–60Real Madrid (Spain)Eintracht Frankfurt (W.Ger.)7–3
1960–61Benfica (Port.)FC Barcelona (Spain)3–2
1961–62Benfica (Port.)Real Madrid (Spain)5–3
1962–63AC Milan (Italy)Benfica (Port.)2–1
1963–64Inter Milan (Italy)Real Madrid (Spain)3–1
1964–65Inter Milan (Italy)Benfica (Port.)1–0
1965–66Real Madrid (Spain)Partizan Belgrade (Yugos.)2–1
1966–67Celtic (Scot.)Inter Milan (Italy)2–1
1967–68Manchester United (Eng.)Benfica (Port.)4–1 (OT)
1968–69AC Milan (Italy)Ajax (Neth.)4–1
1969–70Feyenoord (Neth.)Celtic (Scot.)2–1 (OT)
1970–71Ajax (Neth.)Panathinaikos (Greece)2–0
1971–72Ajax (Neth.)Inter Milan (Italy)2–0
1972–73Ajax (Neth.)Juventus (Italy)1–0
1973–74Bayern Munich (W.Ger.)Atlético Madrid (Spain)4–0**
1974–75Bayern Munich (W.Ger.)Leeds United (Eng.)2–0
1975–76Bayern Munich (W.Ger.)AS Saint-Étienne (France)1–0
1976–77Liverpool FC (Eng.)Borussia Mönchengladbach (W.Ger.)3–1
1977–78Liverpool FC (Eng.)Club Brugge (Belg.)1–0
1978–79Nottingham Forest (Eng.)Malmö FF (Swed.)1–0
1979–80Nottingham Forest (Eng.)Hamburg SV (W.Ger.)1–0
1980–81Liverpool FC (Eng.)Real Madrid (Spain)1–0
1981–82Aston Villa (Eng.)Bayern Munich (W.Ger.)1–0
1982–83Hamburg SV (W.Ger.)Juventus (Italy)1–0
1983–84Liverpool FC (Eng.)AS Roma (Italy)1–1***
1984–85Juventus (Italy)Liverpool FC (Eng.)1–0
1985–86Steaua Bucharest (Rom.)FC Barcelona (Spain)0–0***
1986–87FC Porto (Port.)Bayern Munich (W.Ger.)2–1
1987–88PSV Eindhoven (Neth.)Benfica (Port.)0–0***
1988–89AC Milan (Italy)Steaua Bucharest (Rom.)4–0
1989–90AC Milan (Italy)Benfica (Port.)1–0
1990–91Red Star Belgrade (Yugos.)Olympique de Marseille (France)0–0***
1991–92FC Barcelona (Spain)Sampdoria (Italy)1–0 (OT)
1992–93Olympique de Marseille (France)AC Milan (Italy)1–0
1993–94AC Milan (Italy)FC Barcelona (Spain)4–0
1994–95Ajax (Neth.)AC Milan (Italy)1–0
1995–96Juventus (Italy)Ajax (Neth.)1–1***
1996–97Borussia Dortmund (Ger.)Juventus (Italy)3–1
1997–98Real Madrid (Spain)Juventus (Italy)1–0
1998–99Manchester United (Eng.)Bayern Munich (Ger.)2–1
1999–2000Real Madrid (Spain)Valencia CF (Spain)3–0
2000–01Bayern Munich (Ger.)Valencia CF (Spain)1–1***
2001–02Real Madrid (Spain)Bayer Leverkusen (Ger.)2–1
2002–03AC Milan (Italy)Juventus (Italy)0–0***
2003–04FC Porto (Port.)AS Monaco (France)3–0
2004–05Liverpool FC (Eng.)AC Milan (Italy)3–3***
2005–06FC Barcelona (Spain)Arsenal (Eng.)2–1
2006–07AC Milan (Italy)Liverpool FC (Eng.)2–1
2007–08Manchester United (Eng.)Chelsea FC (Eng.)1–1***
2008–09FC Barcelona (Spain)Manchester United (Eng.)2–0
2009–10Inter Milan (Italy)Bayern Munich (Ger.)2–0
2010–11FC Barcelona (Spain)Manchester United (Eng.)3–1
2011–12Chelsea FC (Eng.)Bayern Munich (Ger.)1–1***
2012–13Bayern Munich (Ger.)Borussia Dortmund (Ger.)2–1
2013–14Real Madrid (Spain)Atlético Madrid (Spain)4–1 (OT)
2014–15FC Barcelona (Spain)Juventus (Italy)3–1
2015–16Real Madrid (Spain)Atlético Madrid (Spain)1–1***
2016–17Real Madrid (Spain)Juventus (Italy)4–1
2017–18Real Madrid (Spain)Liverpool FC (Eng.)3–1
2018–19Liverpool FC (Eng.)Tottenham Hotspur (Eng.)2–0
2019–20Bayern Munich (Ger.)Paris Saint-Germain (France)1–0

UEFA Europa League winners

Winners of the UEFA Europa League are provided in the table.

UEFA Europa League*
seasonwinner (country)runner-up (country)scores
*UEFA Cup until 2009–10.
**Won in a penalty kick shoot-out.
1971–72Tottenham Hotspur (Eng.)Wolverhampton Wanderers (Eng.)2–1, 1–1
1972–73Liverpool FC (Eng.)Borussia Mönchengladbach (W.Ger.)3–0, 0–2
1973–74Feyenoord (Neth.)Tottenham Hotspur (Eng.)2–2, 2–0
1974–75Borussia Mönchengladbach (W.Ger.)FC Twente (Neth.)0–0, 5–1
1975–76Liverpool FC (Eng.)Club Brugge (Belg.)3–2, 1–1
1976–77Juventus (Italy)Athletic Club Bilbao (Spain)1–0, 1–2
1977–78PSV Eindhoven (Neth.)SC Bastia (France)0–0, 3–0
1978–79Borussia Mönchengladbach (W.Ger.)Red Star Belgrade (Yugos.)1–1, 1–0
1979–80Eintracht Frankfurt (W.Ger.)Borussia Mönchengladbach (W.Ger.)2–3, 1–0
1980–81Ipswich Town (Eng.)AZ Alkmaar (Neth.)3–0, 2–4
1981–82IFK Göteborg (Swed.)Hamburg SV (W.Ger.)1–0, 3–0
1982–83RSC Anderlecht (Belg.)Benfica (Port.)1–0, 1–1
1983–84Tottenham Hotspur (Eng.)RSC Anderlecht (Belg.)1–1, 1–1 (4–3**)
1984–85Real Madrid (Spain)Videoton (Hung.)3–0, 0–1
1985–86Real Madrid (Spain)FC Cologne (W.Ger.)5–1, 0–2
1986–87IFK Göteborg (Swed.)Dundee United (Scot.)1–0, 1–1
1987–88Bayer Leverkusen (W.Ger.)RCD Espanyol (Spain)0–3, 3–0 (3–2**)
1988–89SSC Napoli (Italy)VfB Stuttgart (W.Ger.)2–1, 3–3
1989–90Juventus (Italy)Fiorentina (Italy)3–1, 0–0
1990–91Inter Milan (Italy)AS Roma (Italy)2–0, 0–1
1991–92Ajax (Neth.)Torino Calcio (Italy)2–2, 0–0
1992–93Juventus (Italy)Borussia Dortmund (Ger.)3–1, 3–0
1993–94Inter Milan (Italy)SV Austria Salzburg (Austria)1–0, 1–0
1994–95Parma AC (Italy)Juventus (Italy)1–0, 1–1
1995–96Bayern Munich (Ger.)FC Girondins de Bordeaux (France)2–0, 3–1
1996–97FC Schalke 04 (Ger.)Inter Milan (Italy)1–0, 0–1 (4–1**)
1997–98Inter Milan (Italy)SS Lazio (Italy)3–0
1998–99Parma AC (Italy)Olympique de Marseille (France)3–0
1999–2000Galatasaray SK (Tur.)Arsenal (Eng.)0–0 (4–1**)
2000–01Liverpool FC (Eng.)Deportivo Alavés (Spain)5–4
2001–02Feyenoord (Neth.)Borussia Dortmund (Ger.)3–2
2002–03FC Porto (Port.)Celtic (Scot.)3–2
2003–04Valencia CF (Spain)Olympique de Marseille (France)2–0
2004–05CSKA Moscow (Russia)Sporting Clube de Portugal (Port.)3–1
2005–06Sevilla FC (Spain)Middlesbrough FC (Eng.)4–0
2006–07Sevilla FC (Spain)RCD Espanyol (Spain)2–2 (3–1**)
2007–08FC Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia)Rangers (Scot.)2–0
2008–09Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukr.)Werder Bremen (Ger.)2–1
2009–10Atlético de Madrid (Spain)Fulham FC (Eng.)2–1
2010–11FC Porto (Port.)SC Braga (Port.)1–0
2011–12Atlético de Madrid (Spain)Athletic Club Bilbao (Spain)3–0
2012–13Chelsea FC (Eng.)Benfica (Port.)2–1
2013–14Sevilla FC (Spain)Benfica (Port.)0–0 (4–2**)
2014–15Sevilla FC (Spain)Dnipro (Ukr.)3–2
2015–16Sevilla FC (Spain)Liverpool FC (Eng.)3–1
2016–17Manchester United (Eng.)Ajax (Neth.)2–0
2017–18Atlético de Madrid (Spain)Olympique de Marseille (France)3–0
2018–19Chelsea FC (Eng.)Arsenal (Eng.)4–1

Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup winners

Winners of the MLS Cup are provided in the table.

Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup
*Won on penalty kicks.
1996DC UnitedLos Angeles Galaxy3–2 (OT)
1997DC UnitedColorado Rapids2–1
1998Chicago FireDC United2–0
1999DC UnitedLos Angeles Galaxy2–0
2000Kansas City WizardsChicago Fire1–0
2001San Jose EarthquakesLos Angeles Galaxy2–1 (OT)
2002Los Angeles GalaxyNew England Revolution1–0
2003San Jose EarthquakesChicago Fire4–2
2004DC UnitedKansas City Wizards3–2
2005Los Angeles GalaxyNew England Revolution1–0 (OT)
2006Houston DynamoNew England Revolution1–1*
2007Houston DynamoNew England Revolution2–1
2008Columbus CrewNew York Red Bulls3–1
2009Real Salt LakeLos Angeles Galaxy1–1*
2010Colorado RapidsFC Dallas2–1 (OT)
2011Los Angeles GalaxyHouston Dynamo1–0
2012Los Angeles GalaxyHouston Dynamo3–1
2013Sporting Kansas CityReal Salt Lake1–1*
2014Los Angeles GalaxyNew England Revolution2–1
2015Portland TimbersColumbus Crew2–1
2016Seattle SoundersToronto FC0–0*
2017Toronto FCSeattle Sounders2–0
2018Atlanta UnitedPortland Timbers2–0
2019Seattle SoundersToronto FC3–1
2020Columbus CrewSeattle Sounders3–0
2021New York City FCPortland Timbers1–1*


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