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Accounting Logo Design Inspiration-Logos And Ideas

Like all other designing processes, accounting logo creation also begins with an in-depth thinking process and mind mapping. But,  from which point the thinking process begins? Of course, it is true that Ideas won’t show up out of bloom, a designer has to search for the unique ideas hidden, not in their mind, but their client’s mind. For this they have to seek as many information as they can, that leads to the client’s personality, that relates to their mind as well as to their projects.

So that the logo would reflect the personality of the client. Since each personality traits in a human vary from one another, eventually, a logo that captures unique personality will definitely turn out to be unique from all other logos. It embodies an identity of your company, otherwise the signs of your firm.

Why Is Visual Storytelling Important?

Even before the invention of languages, our primitives speaks through symbols. What a language cant convey a symbol can.  Over the course of our history we can see signs of Visual storytelling; chines emperors instilled dragon as a symbol of imperial power, Christians cross sign a symbol of sacrifice, and Buddhist’s swastika personifies good luck.

It is true that what we can see through our eyes renders special feeling inside our mind, no languages around the world have the capacity to capture those feelings, and neither oral nor composed story can deliver a vivid message as a visual image does. Yes, a logo should build around a unique story that goes deep into the heart of customers. Once seen it should evoke special feeling at spectator’s mind. They will most likely find themselves in that story.

 How the designers do it? The creation of eye-catching logos that capture instantaneous attention becomes extremely challenging; especially when it comes to a topic as boring as accounting, the challenges are paramount. Companies such as  Accountant Prose took that challenges wholeheartedly. They identify themselves with a superwomen logo, as you land on their website, the first thing that catches your attention is the logo of a superwoman behind a wall of ACCOUNTINGPROSE fonts. Christen Garza, the owner of the Accountant pro, said they portray themselves as small business superheroes, which swoop in to save the people who need financial services in need of the hour.

Narrate a story that pleases you, on the flip side, overindulgence to please your clients may backfire because, if the story doesn’t reflect their core values, clients can easily smell a pretentious air suffuse around you. That will definitely impede on the rush of clients into your office. When you trust yourself, when you follow your own thought process, sometimes an outlandish idea may display on the screen, don’t get befuddled by design, just embrace the difference, because that is what it takes to get most of the attention.

After creating a story for the logo, rather than going blindfolded to the drawing board, spend some time researching about the competitor’s logo for the inspiration, not for replication of ideas. Also, don’t try to do it better than others; try to do it differently. Along with that, there are so many websites such as offers custom made logo ideas which also help to ignite the creative ideas inside you. , it is not advisable to random purchase without considering your clients. You may end up losing authenticity. So does the trust.

What Type Of Logo Should We Choose?

Imagine you have a clear understanding of the type of unique story you like to convey as well as the strengths and weakness of your opponents. The next step is finding a name for your firm, mostly for an accounting firm people go for descriptive naming as tagline alongside an image. Or else like Samsung or Intel or ford you can also add just fonts as a logo (brand name as logos) in that case you have to give special attention to the typography of the fonts. For an accounting firm, It’s always better to put tagline along with the log so that customers can easily understand what your company is standing for?


Type of LOGO

Basically, there is a different set of logo among which you can choose the best-suited one.

Symbols or Iconic:

Like swastika or cross or dragon that we discussed before, this type of log just have a symbol, if you are serving in a place where people speak different languages  or you intend to provide financial help globally, you can use this type because no matter what, the symbol will talk a language of its own. Apple and Nike log is an example of this.

WORDMARK; This type doesn’t have any symbol, rather consists of only letters, if your business set on a specific geographic location and never bothered to cross the borders you could go with this type. However, you can’t just choose a pre-existing font because that doesn’t bring any uniqueness. So hire a designer and create a unique logo. Coca-cola is an example of this type.


They are similar to wordmark but this type shortened version. If your companies name either has a long name or a word from a different language that is hard to pronounce, don’t worry, In this scenario, you can choose the first letter as the logo. If you think that is really short, just go for the abbreviation. Hp is an example of this.


As the name suggests this is a combination A wordmark with a symbol, the advantage of using this log is it can use either a symbol or as a wordmark. In case you decided to go to a new geographical location where the language is a barrier you can use the symbols. Addidas is an example of this.


Similar to combination this type has both the word mark as well as a symbol, although they are slightly different from the combination. The letters are incorporated inside the symbol, which can’t be separated.

Hardly Davison log is one such kind

Mascot log:

This type of logo contains an illustration, through this type you can resonate the cultural feel of your company. KFC Logo is an example of this type.

What Kind Of Colours To Choose?

Colour plays an essential role in our life. Right mixes of colors evoke emotions, capable of washing away a state of despair, and lift your mood. So as to get a first impression, you should choose the colours carefully. For that, first of all, you should know what colours are symbolising, different colour represents different qualities; common colours used for an accounting firm is blue, green, black; blue, a shade of intelligence and precision, green represents stability and growth, black is regarded as strength and authority. You should also remember that according to the cultural difference the symbolism associated with the colour also varies. Although diverse culture associates colour differently, there are certain colours, backed by scientific research, are globally accepted. For instance, it is widely acknowledged that red is a heavy colour on the other hand yellow is a lighter one.

Shape Of Your Logo

The symmetry of the logo is another significant factor that plays a huge role in how people perceive and evaluate your logo. It can also fuel the consumer’s expectation. You can go for a symmetrical shape such as mirroring a shape, give a rotational spin and translate the shape or else go for asymmetrical shape. A recent study, by JannickBettelsand Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, have proven that asymmetrical shapes are far more effective than a symmetrical one. Asymmetric shapes bring intricacies to your design, tracing a complex path of your design needs more mental processing time, hence more exciting, whereas symmetrical shape is more easy to process less arousing.

With an appropriate mix of a colour couple with an intricate shape you can create a fabulous design. One thing to be careful while bringing complexities is never to lose optical balance, in the sense design should neither be questioning the common sense nor diverging from the optical center.  At the same time, the colour should be used appropriately to bring visual weight.

File formats

The EPS format is advisable because eps’ basic building block is not pixel based but of vector file based. Due to this even if you resize the file, you will not lose any details.

Finally based on the idea that you have given, ask the designers to develop more than four logos, after taking feedbacks from your team choose the best one.

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