What Points Do You Need To Know Before Designing A Custom Home?

The construction of a custom home is not an easy process but it is a great experience. It should be the best experience then create a huge list to help you think about all the little things. The more awakened and prepared you are the better this process can be. Important details to consider during the building process of a custom home.

Some Important Smaller Details-

Basics –

– width of the hallways

– Electrical fittings

– Height of the ceiling

– Doors swing

– Underground pipes

– The lighting of the home, natural and artificial

– Storage for everything

– Interior design ideas

Custom Home

Bedrooms –

– Are the bedrooms away from noisy areas?

– Enough outlets in the room

Living room-

– Will it be open to the kitchen

– Will there be a playroom for the kids.

– For adults a work and play space

– Entertainment system set up

Entryway or mudroom-

– Where is the entryway or mudroom?

– Placement of washer and dryer.


– Chandelier

– Double doors

– Calendar /desk /organization station.

– Central vacuum system

– Utility room space

Closets –

– Enough storage space

– Lighting in the closet

– Outlets

– Storage racks

Bath –

– Outlets in your cabinets

– Flooring, finishings

– Heated tiles

– Efficient toilets

– Showerhead height

Outdoor –

– Grill placement

– Outdoor speakers

– Sidewalks, porches, decks, or patios.

– Outlets and faucets

– Outdoor lightning

– Furniture

– Irrigation system

– Garage

– Backyard cinema

Kitchen –

– Placement of big appliances

– Materials and finishes

– Fridge in the cabinets

– Pantry space

– Size of dining table

Other –

– Safety features especially for children

– Pet area

– Emergency safe room

– Understairs storage

What Are The Details That You Should Consider During Designing A Custom Home?

Make a solid design. What is the purpose of this home? Is it a summer getaway that you will sell one day or is it a house that you will grow old in. Plan out for today and the future. Be sure your lifestyle can handle the building of a new home. Make sure your family and pocketbook are stable as building a house can take some time.

Find a system to organize and to keep track of everything. Staying organized will save your sanity. Every room must have a purpose. Just don’t build a room to have it there. Be sure to optimize the space in your home. Search for a team that you are comfortable with. Custom Designed Homes Central Coast is one such name. Don’t let the dreams of your own house into the hands of a person you don’t trust. Spend time with the people you will be working with and try to know them.

You should inspect the ground you want to build on and the rules that come with it. There are certain laws and codes that your house will have to meet. It is better, if you understand the requirements faster. To spend your money doing your homework, it isn’t cheap to build a house, but it is worth it. The more you know about this process, the better off you will be.

Keep 10% of your budget for unexpected expenditures. The main project is building a house but has an idea of what you would like the entire house to look like. Prepare a list of what you want and how badly you want it. Decide this now to sort things out later.

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