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Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for Long Distance Lover

Love is one of the most important parts of your life. It is one of those emotions that are very much strong and it never lessens no matter what the situation is. People, who live apart, share the strongest love bonds ever. As they cannot get frequent time to meet, the depth of their emotions are deeper than the others. Here are 6 romantic birthday gift ideas for that long distance lover.

Send them a Box Full of Love and Joy

You know the best what your beloved loves the most. But, there is no problem if he/she lives apart. Online services have made everything possible in this technocratic world. They are ready to take a step far to strengthen your love. A box full of love normally means a box full of chocolates of his/her favorite flavor. You can make it a little more exciting. If you can customize the box and put inside a personalized love letter, it will make up with the utmost joy part. He/she will get a hint that you will be sending gift but once they receive the gift they can’t stop but cry in emotion. You can get varieties of such gift from online romantic gift delivery sites.

Entertainment for the Road

As he/she frequently takes long journeys for work or study, you can make his/her journeys amazing and interesting. Long journeys are very boring if you are going for work and not travelling. There needs to be something that can make the journey easy and comfortable. And as a lover, you would love to be that one person to make it better for him/her.

An 8-inch Amazon Fire tablet is an amazing thing to gift in $100. This device is WiFi friendly and one can browse for music and movies here. So, this will help your love’s boring journeys turn into interesting and enjoying one.

A Ticket to Ride

A ticket to ride can be different things. It can be a home coming ticket. Or it can be a photocopy of your surprise visit to him/her at his/her place.

It can also be a ticket to an amusement park near his/her place on the coming weekend. You know how much busy he/she is; so it is your concern for him/her to live life and little bit more. He/she will love such token of love and care on his/her special day.

Make a Video

Distance is no more an obstruction. As we all are living in a globalization era, we can contact and connect to people anywhere anytime. You know, it is not only yourself who misses him/her. There are others as well. So, make a small video including everyone wishing him/her the happiest birthday.

You can send this to any of him/her social media profiles. Or, you can just send it at the time you call him/her to wish. He or she will be overwhelmed and emotional to see so many people wishing him/her on the birthday and will turn his/her day to be a very special one.

Make a Birthday Donation

Those who have a kind lover are the luckiest persons of the world. They would love to spend their special day for a special cause. She/he might be far enough to do this.

If you do this donation to an old-age home or in an orphanage, he/she will love you more from the core of his/her heart. Such a birthday donation will make her/him feel glad and free from their hearts. Besides, this good news, send birthday gifts online to him/her as well to wish on behalf of you.

Curve your Love into Wood

Love curved on wooden blocks is one of the most precious gifts to your love. As it is a gift of forever, this will carry the message that you will love your beloved for the rest of your whole life. Sending a wooden designer block with your name and love curved as a birthday gift will make him/her feel so proud of his/her choice of life partner.

When a person stays apart and we do not get to see them frequently, our love for them enhances and deepens. Above are the best ideas of sending gifts to your distant lover.

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