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What To Know About Cooking In An Instant Pot

There are numerous ways to prepare your favorite foods. The cooking method you choose will greatly change the outcome. For instance, some cooking techniques may dry out your foods too much. Others may enhance the flavors. Or, you may be able to alter the flavors by smoking your favorite meats.

The possibilities are endless. However, you may be interested in finding a quick and convenient way to prepare your meals. If this is the case, you should consider buying an Instant Pot.

Doing so will make your life so much easier and you’ll still be able to enjoy delicious cuisine. Learn more by reading the article below and visiting Corrie Cooks.

What Is It?

Before going too far, you’ll want to learn more about the Instant Pot. Well, you need to understand that Instant Pot is a brand name. While it is one of the most popular, you can find a lot of other electric pressure cookers as well. However, it is wise to stick with this company since they’re one of the most reputable. When you use an Instant Pot, you’ll be able to prepare foods easily.

You can use one of these devices to prepare a variety of meals. And, you’ll likely be satisfied with the results once you’ve finished. Just remember to look at the model you buy because each will have different features. Be sure to choose the one that has the features you prefer. Also, you’ll need to choose a size that works best for you and your family.

How To Use An Instant Pot

Instant Pots are very convenient. They take the guesswork out of the equation so you can prepare delicious meals quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless, you’ll need to find out how to operate the cooker before moving forward. When you’re ready to begin, you’ll want to prepare your food. Once you’ve done that, you should open the lid and place the food inside. Now, you need to close the lid and steam valve.

Depending on what you’re cooking, you will need to press a button on the user interface. You may need to press the stew or soup button. Or, you can hit the pressure cook button. You’ll also need to adjust the temperature accordingly. Once you’ve done this, it is time to sit back and wait. The pressure cooker will handle almost everything for you.

However, it is wise to check on your food regularly to ensure it doesn’t get too dry.

Finding Great Recipes

While you could cook tons of meals in a pressure cooker, you’ll want to find those that are going to work best this way. Some meals are going to be much better when cooked in an Instant Pot so you’ll want to stick with those. For instance, you will find that stuffed peppers are great for this purpose. You will also want to search the Internet for other meals to experiment with.

Remember that you don’t always need to follow the recipe strictly. You can manipulate it a bit to get the desired results. If you’re looking for creative recipes to try in your pressure cooker, you’ll want to buy a few cookbooks. Doing so will provide you with tons of new recipes to enjoy. Alternatively, you can throw caution to the wind and create your option.

Let your imagination run wild and the possibilities will be endless.

What To Avoid

An Instant Pot is going to work great for many meals. However, some foods should never be put in one of these devices. If you do, there is a good chance that you’re going to get dissatisfactory results. For instance, you should never add crispy or crunchy food to your cooker. These foods are not meant to be food this way. Instead, you’ll need to throw them into a pressure fryer or find an alternative way to cook them. Also, you should not add dairy or pasta to your cooker.

Other things to avoid include trying two recipes at once, cooking cakes, and canning. These things are not going to work well in your Instant Pot so you shouldn’t bother. Finally, you should avoid putting rare meats, yellow and red lentils, and seafood in your pressure cooker.

Purpose Of Instant Pot

Instant pots are handy small appliances utilized for cooking various recipes. The purpose of the unit is to speed up the cooking time, which is a necessity in the modern world. With little time to prepare meals, households can rely on the instant pot for homemade recipes that can be cooked in half the time. Regardless of what you and your family like to eat, an instant pot can be beneficial. You can utilize it to cook a five-course meal or side dishes like rice or beans.

Other foods that can be cooked in an instant pot include barbacoa beef, flan, mashed potatoes, pot roast, vegetable, and chicken noodle soups, salmon, pot pie, and baked potatoes. There really isn’t anything you cannot make in an instant pot if you set your mind to it.

Retains Vital Nutrients 

Unlike some forms of cooking, the instant pot preserves a large portion of the nutrients in foods. Even if you are just preparing baked potatoes in your instant pot, you are guaranteed more nutrient retention than boiling and baking. This is one reason why many health nuts prefer cooking with an instant pot to other small appliances.

Promotes Healthy Digestion 

Unfortunately, not all cooking methods are not easy on the digestive system. Take for instant frying, which is notorious for being a gastroenterologist’s worst nightmare. Fried foods cause digestive problems like acid reflux and heartburn. The instant pot offers one of the best cooking methods for people who have difficulty absorbing their foods.

If you desire nutrient-rich foods that are tender and moist, you will need an instant pot. Never again, spend hours cooking and end up with tough, dried meats and vegetables.


Instant Pots are great and they can help you cook delicious meals. Just remember that you need to know how to use one properly and you’ll need great recipes. Once you’ve mastered the art of using your pressure cooker, the possibilities will be endless and your meals will improve significantly.

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