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10 Lip Smacking Dishes That Are A Must In The Indian Wedding Menu

Food, food, and food are all our minds can think of when we are about to attend a wedding. Do you ever randomly reminiscence the delicious taste of the mixed vegetable that you had last winter at a wedding? If yes, then you are one of the foodies who attends all the weddings for a sole reason for binge eating delicious wedding food. And we cannot complain because the wedding menu is detailed and filed scrumptious dishes that can arouse hunger even in the dullest of the lot!

The crispy aalo chat, paired with some tangy and sweet sauces, punching your tongue with flavours is something that is difficult to miss out. And if this delightful dish is paired with the patent wedding beverage, the badaam shake then that wedding can provide you with an experience of heaven on earth with the utmost ease. But if you ask us, relishing the super delicious dishes is easier than deciding your own wedding menu. So, if you are looking for dishes that can make your wedding food taste exceptional then we have a surprise for you!

10 Dishes For Indian Wedding Menu

We made a list of the most widely eaten Indian wedding dishes that are a must. These ten dishes can satisfy each and every guest at your special day!

  1. Navratna Korma

Not like the usual malai kofta, this dish is very special to all the people who like to indulge in a dish with a subtle yet rich taste. The Navratna Korma can add an exquisite side to the wedding menu effortlessly. It is a dish made with nine very delicious ingredients as the name suggests, the dish is a subtle mix of yoghurt, nuts and many more rich ingredients.

Navratna Korma

  1. Raj Kachodi

After discussing the main course dishes, we have something that can make your lip smack in joy! Yes, we are talking about the very delicious Raj Kachodi coming from the ever beautiful state, Rajasthan. This can be served at a food station with a DIY counter, as this amazing street food is a dish with a wide variety of toppings.

Raj Kachodi

  1. Kadhai Paneer

One of the most popular dishes is none other than the delicacies with paneer in them. It is because paneer is considered as the best way to intake the protein in vegetarian. And not to forget, it has a very soft and fluffy texture that is not just delicious but also amazing in taste. But rather than serving shahi paneer, you must serve kadhai paneer because it has a very authentic North Indian taste.


  1. Butter Chicken

Now to add a non-vegetarian dish in the list, we have the very delicious butter paneer. This Punjabi dish is made with a buttery base. Not every wedding caterers give you a perfect pre-decided menu like the best wedding caterers in Ahmedabad. The fine taste of this savoury dish is a result of the smooth gravy with the vibrant colours of the saffron. And the highlight is the tender chicken.


  1. Baked Vegetables

The next dish on the list is the very subtle and classy Baked Vegetables. Amidst the spicy dishes in the Indian wedding menu, this preparation can bring a twist that you require. It is usually found in the winter menu because of the vegetables added in the dishes. But the best part about it is the creamy and cheesy texture that is backed up with a sweet and salty flavour.


  1. Paneer Chilla

One of the most popular food counters that is always stormed with people is this paneer chilla counter. From kids to adults, everybody likes to stop by at this stall and fill themselves up with this fried snack filled with cottage cheese or paneer. So, don’t miss out on this delicious starter idea.


  1. Kashmiri Dum Aalu 

One more dish that is known for its simplicity and taste is the Kashmiri Dum Aalu. It is prepared with the delicious spices of Kashmir, especially the red chillies. It can be served with Mughlai roti for the best taste.


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  1. Punjabi Chole

It goes without saying that Punjabi dishes are the best at leaving us drooling at any time of the day. But the rich flavours coming from the state are surprisingly unique and something that we crave for very often. And one of the most patent dishes is the Punjabi chole. Serve this spicy chickpea preparation with some hot bhature bread!


  1. Moong Dal Ka Halwa

Another one from the winter wedding is a sweet treat that we like to indulge in more than the other dishes. If you find people not eating enough of wedding food then it is because of this special dessert.

10 Lip Smacking Dishes That Are A Must In The Indian Wedding Menu

  1. Mango Kulfi 

Last but not the least is the Indian ice-cream, kulfi. It is one of the most delicious desserts served at a wedding, and imagine if it is mango then how much happiness it will spread!


We hope these dishes will make to your wedding menu without any doubt!

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