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How to Build and Grow your Food Business in 2019

Customer is the backbone of every business and can either turn the business profitable or even end it. Despite having a rock-solid product to sell, if you aren’t aware of the customer needs then your business is not going to be profitable ever.

Similarly in any food business, what matters is how you serve what the customer is looking for. The reason some food business scale to their first million real quick owes to customer satisfaction with the food quality. Now, you may argue on the fact that is food quality the only measuring parameter while building a successful food business. There are a lot of factors and parameters other than just food which directly or indirectly influence your business.

Grow your food brand in 2019

This article will unfold all the secret strategies which are overlooked upon while creating food businesses. Using these strategies with proper research and planning can do wonders for you. Without any further ado, let’s jump into real business plans and ideas that work in scaling your food brand online as well as offline.

Food Quality

Food Quality will always be the most important parameter in making a successful food brand. The customers are looking for better food options so you should them something that tastes phenomenal. Food quality is important to bring out the first impression of your brand in the audience minds. You have to build a team of the best chefs and staff to ensure food taste.

Satisfying taste buds should not come from the cost of food quality. There are restaurants serving best tasting food but food quality is not up to the mark. This strategy is going to bring your business to big losses in the long term.

Building a Business Website

Ever wondered why every big brand in the food industry has a website online?. Why don’t they just put out advertisements and still manage to bring people to their outlets?. In this era, the Internet is the best thing that could happen to us and we should take its advantage. Researches show that online brand presence appeals to the user of the brand and builds a trust factor. Learn how to build the right strategy for hiring web designers.

Investing in building a brand website might seem worthless initially but you will know its benefits later. Moreover, the cost of building a brand website won’t be too costly for you. You can look out for talented freelancers and get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Marketing – The Right Way

Now once you are done with making some amazing tasty cuisines for your brand then comes the marketing part. Marketing the right way is by far the most underrated part of a business which can do wonders.¬†Marketers are paid not for the product they sell, but for the way they sell it. Wonder why brands like McDonald’s are reaching all over the globe in franchise business?. They have the best marketers who create appealing advertisements.

Television is now not more of the attention media to capture the audience. People love to spend time online on social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. You have to be aware of where your audience is and capture the market before your competitors. One of the top reasons for hiring the best marketers is knowing how to capture the audience and know their interests better.

The look and feel of your cuisines will appeal them to visit your store and buy stuff. Marketing starts at the point you start putting out relevant and appealing content for your targeted audience. Facebook and Instagram advertisements have helped grow the food businesses to the next level.

Social Media Presence

Oh!, now you are about to build a big food brand and you lack social media presence. Isn’t it so ironic because I haven’t seen a brand who is making millions in the food business and lacks social media handles?. So, without any further more wait, get yourself active on social media. Its the perfect and most crucial time to hire talented content curators who create appealing stories.

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You need to build a brand presence with a combination of relevant content and stories which directly say your name aloud. Business growth will be multiple folds with a strategic approach to social media campaigns. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are the best sources for building social media presence.

Feedback from Customers

Now, you have the best of food options for your customers and the most appealing marketing campaigns ready to shoot up. Does having all of this guarantee your success in this competitive market?. Well, the answer to this simple query would be a “No”.

Years of experience have taught me that feedback is the most underrated aspect which grows or fails a business in a span of 2-5 years. It is the only reason why the most popular brand Subway takes feedback from customers with the help of a portal called SubwayListens. Subway has grown itself more and more every year in annual revenues by taking simple feedback from the customers.

Now, the most important problem situation arrives – Why would a customer take a headache of filling a survey in this busy world?. Well, there are always ways to create win-win situations. Subway offers a free cookie for all the individuals filing the survey on their next order. Moreover, they ask for the bill receipt number to ensure authenticity in feedbacks.


The food industry is billion dollars in numbers and still to be explored market compared to other business. No matter how many brands come up, there will always be the need for more. Brands are experimenting and investing money into campaigns like anything. You should be able to build a successful food brand if you follow the intention of this article. These words come from someone with years of experience working for marketing companies worldwide. The simple strategy to a marvelous food business is now revealed without any secrets left now. Find the best teams and build the next amazing food outlet everyone would love to visit.

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