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4 Best Foods That Can keep You Fresh All Day

You must have heard “health is wealth”, yes I grew up listening to this all the time. My mother was very health conscious and I have spent my childhood eating the healthiest food. Healthy food can keep you fresh and active all day, balance and a nutritious diet are also important to maintain your figure and skin. But always remember eating healthy doesn’t mean eat a lot. You can keep yourself fit by just selecting the right food to eat.

Today in this article I have shortlisted the 4 best foods that can keep you fresh and active all day. Let’s have a look at them.


For me, the favorite part of food is always fruit, that why I am starting with one of the most nutritious filled fruits and that is Blueberries. Though it is equivalent beneficial for men and women, ladies it can do wonder for you. Blueberries are enriched in antioxidants, thus they prevent all the heart diseases and keep your heart young for a longer time.

According to one research women who eat three portions of blueberry or strawberry thrice a week have lesser chances of a heart attack. In addition to that, antioxidants help to keep your skin fresh and younger-looking. Antioxidants also prevent sunburn. Moreover, people who are looking for some weight loss, blueberries can do wonder for you as they are full of fiber and keeps you full all day. Just take a bowl full of blueberries in the morning and stay fresh and active all day.


When I go back and remember my childhood, I recall that I was not a big fan of fish. But all thanks to my mommy who kept on telling how salmon or wild salmon can keep me fresh and active all day. Salmon is enriched in antioxidants and is the best cure for the people who are suffering from cholesterol. It is also very useful to cure heart diseases especially heart attack.

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According to some other research, it has been proved that fish that have omega 3 in them are very useful for fresh and glowing skin, omega 3 prevents sunburn and make you more glowing. So, folks, I would suggest you all keep salmon or wild salmon in your food menu at least once a week. Especially if you are worried about your weight, salmon helps a lot in burning belly fats.


Walnuts are very important for your brain. If you look closer to a walnut, it has shaped exactly like the human brain. You must have heard that walnuts are high in calories, but my friends these high calories are not harmful to you at all. Walnuts have fiber, fats and omega 3 in it and it helps to control your heart diseases.

According to some recent research, it has been proven that walnuts can be very helpful in weight loss as well. Shocked? Yes, it is true, walnut has some fibers that control our brain cell intimidating cravings. Thus you feel full most of the time and eat less. To everyone who doesn’t have time for a lunch break in office, just keep a little box full of walnuts with you, and surprise others with your activeness all day.


Last but not least. I am including spinach in the list of 4 best foods that can keep you healthy and active all day because you must have something green in your meal at least once a day. Eating spinach means you are eating raw iron, yes I am saying that right. Spinach is enriched in iron, omega 3 and folate. This food is considered as one of the best muscle building food.


In addition to that it is very beneficial for heart and controls cholesterol. Folate helps to regulate the flow of blood to all the parts of the body, thus you won’t be suffering from any sex-related disease even in the older age as well. What you need to do is just take a half cup of boiled spinach once a day, and feel the difference yourself. I can bet you, the habit of eating spinach once a day will decrease all the health-related hazards and you can live longer.

So, folks, that’s all you need to know about 4 best foods that can keep you fresh and active all day. There is a famous saying, the real beauty comes from inside, that means if you are healthy you are beautiful already. The 4 above foods will not only keep you healthy but they are best for fresh and glowing skin as well. Just make a habit of eating at least one of the above food and feel the clear difference in your health.

Thank you for reading.

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