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How to Achieve the Ultimate Urban Look All Year Long

The urban style belongs to the streets, where all the fuzz is about after the sun sets down. It is a style set by the most popular trendsetters, and with the rise of Instagram, they have a significant impact on every youngster, teenager and young adult. And why shouldn’t it be that popular? After all, it is comfortable, beautiful to look at and appropriate for any casual event. So, if you are a female and love the fashion of the street, here is how you can develop your personal urban style and enjoy it.

How to Achieve the Ultimate Urban Look All Year Long

Tops and T-shirts

Let’s start with the most remarkable piece of clothing – the top. Usually, T-shirts with bold messages printed on them are the symbol of urban style. Plus, t-shirts are suitable for all seasons – during warmer seasons you can wear on its own, during colder seasons you can combine it with a jacket or coat that complements the texture and style of the t-shirt. You can choose any color you want, however, make sure that the design is graphic even provocative. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion and share your view on anything you are passionate about through the message on your t-shirt.  Also, hoodies. They are an excellent solution for your urban style, and even though it is a favorite pick among the men, women can pull it off as well.

Leggings or Unusual Trousers

The leggings are great because you can pair them with different kinds of tops or dresses. Thus, you can choose a baggy top or a tight dress, make sure that one of the pieces is in plain colour while the other can be colorful with strong and bold colors and hues even with fluorescent undertones. Or, if you are not really into leggings, pick an unusual pair of trousers that will make you stand out from the crowd. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in them so that you can wear them with style.

How to Achieve the Ultimate Urban Look All Year Long

The Cap

Its Majesty, the Cap – it must be part of the whole urban look. The caps are the fresh and subversive pieces of the style which can create the ultimate urban appearance. These caps are either with a message on them, or with lots of zircons, crystals, and other decorative ornaments.


When it comes to the choice of jewelry, you must pick something that complements your personality. Every piece of jewelry should represent a side of you, so If you have lots to say, express it with bracelets, necklaces and rings. Chokers are again very much popular and add the finishing touch of the urban-looking girls.


If you want to be a proper urban girl, buy yourself some bags – not purses, but bags. The bags also make a statement, so choose wisely whether you want flowers on it or skulls in different colors. Also, the material you should go for is leather, but that doesn’t mean that bags made from textile can’t be used. Nowadays, backpacks are back in fashion, so you can use the glittery design of backpacks and combine them with a strong dark color of a top.


Of course, the sneakers are the right type of shoes that go with the urban style, especially the converse style. They are, in fact, the symbol of urban street. And the best part of all is that they can be combined with any piece of clothing – causal outfits, unusual choices and even smart pieces. Ladies can combine sneakers with mini or maxi dresses, shorts, pants or skirts and will never do wrong.


A pair of sunglasses is a must for every urban freak –regardless of the weather. Today, the most popular shape of sunglasses is the 70’s – 80’s oversized square sunglasses and thin and lightweight metal ones. A popular choice is also the sporty aviator glasses and the circle-round ones. The vintage cat-eye sunglasses are always present as well as the dapper semi-rimless sunglasses. Choose the one that best suits the shape of your face and be urban with style.


The watch is a functional piece of jewelry that adds a specific flair to the whole urban look. Every period in the past brought its own rules for urban design of the watch and the one we are currently living in, the digital age, has offered the world the smartwatch. It is safe to say that the smartwatch is the ultimate design of the urban watch because it creams functionality and fashion at the same time. Plus, it suggests a high-end class that is very much appreciated in the urban world.


Nowhere without your favorite aromatic notes of life! The perfume is a must and transforms the whole visual urban appearance into an aromatic experience. There are even brands that produce perfumes that are inspired by urban life, so they got their names after the style as well.

Nails and Makeup

This is again a field in which you must express yourself unapologetically. If you love neutral shades, use them, if you prefer neon colors – go for them, if you like bold blackness and dramatic lashes – rock that look. It is up to you to choose the style of makeup you want, as there are no rules when it comes to makeup. The same goes when choosing your nail paint. Perhaps ladies tend to choose the darker and metallic shades of nail paint more. Nevertheless, the more important thing is that the nails must be perfectly shaped and not too long.

The Bottom Line

To be an urban trendsetter, or simply, a lover or the urban style, you should be self-confident above everything else. Urban style is all about being vocal about the problems in the community and the problems that the young people have to live with, so being a part of this fashionable trend and movement is more than just clothes and accessories. It is about who you are and your talents and opinions. And that is why it has managed to survive all these years and is relevant all the time.

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