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Top 5 Best Luxury Activewear Athleisure Brands 2018 Reviews

You want to wear some of your most comfortable clothes and still want to be seen as a Fashion queen? This is not possible- If you had asked me this couple of years back, my answer probably would have saidno. But, right at the moment with the trend of athleisure is blowing up. And women all around the globe are surely embracing the trends. Either it is the Top models or normal housewives; you would see women wearing athleisure everywhere.

What is athleisure in real?

The era of 70’s and 89’s is famously known due to the popularity of the sports. People started following the sports star, and this thing birthed a new style in which stars look wearing joggers and their sportswear all the time.

Athleisure should be worn while hitting the gym or doing Yoga , people intended to hit the gym or not, they wear the clothes like that. Comfortable sneakers, Yoga pants, Sports Bras, Sports trousers are the most known forms of athleisure. You can see lots of celebrities wearing this trend; either it is the Kardashian Sisters to the top models and actresses Gigi Hadid. Athleisure is considered today’s top style of the Showbiz celebrities.

Below, we have penned down the top pieces of athleisure what you can wear and be looking comfortable and stylish both.

Y-3 Athleisure

Y-3 is a combined product of top competitors in the same niche, the top-notch Adidas, and Yohi Yamamoto, both collaborate and the outcome is not lesser than a perfect Sport With style wear Y-3. Yohi Yamamoto is one of the leading style and fashion brands, and it has helped Adidas to produce the best product with quality and fashion, especially Yohi helped Adidas to give the right direction of footwear with style.

Y-3 Athleisure women


Align Pant Athleisure

Best sweatpants you can wear while doing Yoga, to run an errand and in your house as well. The high waisted pants allow you to move and bend while workout and they will not slip as most of the sweatpants. Light-weighted you will feel like wearing nothing- and you can move all around wearing this product, very comfortable and a sigh of relief to wear while being around in-house after a hectic job or hiccup business meetings.

Align Pant Athleisure


Puma Rihanna Fenty Faux Fur Slides Athleisure

Originally the Puma has earned the name in producing best sports product. And to come up with the product which could hit the average class with style, they have to collaborate with the famous singer Rihanna. The collaboration took the product at the high skies, now every third person you can see wearing the Puma Fenty Faux fur Slides sneakers. The inclusion of faux fur trim on the horizontal foot brand with satin backing has added the cherry on the cake.

Puma Rihanna Fenty Faux Fur Slides Athleisure


Cozy Leggings Athleisure

If you are hunting down in searching for the best leggings, Cozy Leggings will be the one stop shop for you. One of the softest, coziest, covered with elastic back bands. You even can get the matching top, to max out the coziness. You can easily hit the gym and can move around the house wearing these cozy leggings.

Cozy Leggings Athleisure

Adidas Originals Women Superstar Athleisure

No doubt Adidas shoe style leg behind the other shoe product, but in recent days they have made some innovative changes and it seems the superstars are coming to take their original place all over again. They were the only brand in the past decade, and it seems they are once again coming with these Adidas Originals Women Superstar. They are not necessarily fit for the running but they are extremely comfortable, and versatile to give you a new Athleisure look.

Adidas Originals Women Superstar Athleisure

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