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Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Latest Wedding Dress Styles

2019 was a year for flashy new trends, edgy designs, and innovative looks. 2020 promises more of the same themes for bridal fashion. Like 2019, rather than having one signature look, 2020 will boast a variety of unique styles for an eclectic mix.

If you’re getting married and want to shine bright like a diamond, take a look at the latest wedding dress styles for inspiration.

Sculpted Lace Over Nude

The lace look made a powerful comeback in 2012 in light of the royal wedding, and it’s been holding on ever since. At the time, it was a softer, more traditional look: long sleeves, conservative necklines, and white on white.

Since then, the lace look has evolved. Rather than a soft lace overlay, thicker fabrics that allow for more of a body-con cut are being incorporated into the look. Instead of white on white, white lace over a nude underlay creates a sexy, alluring aesthetic that brides love. You can see this look in action when you shop Azazie wedding dress styles online.

Tiered Skirts

Ruffles were a strong bridal fashion trend in 2019– a look which has already undergone an evolution. Now, overtly feminine ruffles are being traded in for tiered skirts. The look works with a variety of dress styles and invokes an image of farm-style dresses from the olden days. That is if farm-style dresses were glamorous and breathtaking.

The tiered look is extremely versatile. Both brides who want a black-tie affair, and those who want to go barefoot and boho-chic can wear this style gown.

Latest Wedding Dress Styles - Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Square Necklines

Square necklines are a fashion trend that dates back to the 1800s when formal dresses were a part of daily life. Like many fashion trends, the look faded from view, making a few resurgences throughout history. That being said, it hasn’t been a trend in the bridal industry in a very long time, if ever.

Stand aside sweethearts and deep v-necks– the square neckline is making waves. This look is somehow both vintage and modern, creating an elegant frame for bridal jewelry and working well with various sleeve-styles. Only time will tell if the square neckline is met with square ties in bridal party fashion.

Subtle Tints

Once upon a time, wedding dresses were rarely white. White wedding gowns didn’t become traditional until the late 1950s. Since then, trends have included off-white, color blocks, full-colored gowns, and tints.

The 2020 tinted look is a subtle take on previous trends. Rather than having a noticeably not-white dress, brides are opting for just the most delicate hint of color. Dusty rose is a fan-favorite for spring 2020. This look is incredible next to white or floral bridesmaids gowns.


One of the newest vintage-inspired trends is dresses with eyelets. This look is getting overshadowed by the bolder, more noticeable trends, but multiple designers at Bridal Fashion Week have incorporated eyelets into their designs.

The eyelet look works best with a simple sheath gown or cotton. As jumpsuits have been a modern alternative to dresses, the look translates to these as well. As eyelets are just starting to emerge, the trend isn’t expected to peak until the 2021 wedding season, giving brides a chance to get ahead of the curve.

Choose any one of these looks or combine them for something unique and eye-catching. Doing so will allow you to shine bright like a diamond as you walk down the aisle on your big day.

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