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Ray-Ban Shades In Style During Summer

With the weather starting to heat up, having to adjust your eyes from indoor light to the bright sky outside is the perfect excuse to go shopping for a trusty pair of shades. The summer season is all about having the freedom to step outside wearing a plain T-shirt and shorts, so why not elevate your look with some chick sunnies while you’re at it?

Whether you want to sport a timeless look with a classic Ray-Ban Aviator, or you want to make a statement with a pair of shades that has bold lines and sharp angles, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our list of Ray-Ban sun glasses that includes the most classic styles, as well as trendy new models that are highly functional, and exudes an air of sophistication.

The Aviator

This style requires no introduction because it’s been around since the 1930s, and continues to be a best-selling frame until today. Ray-Ban Aviator is perfect for people with heart-shaped faces because the frame mimics the outline of your face – wider on the upper part and tapered at the bottom.

The distinctive features of this style are the double bridge, thin wireframes, and lenses that are up to three times the size of the eye socket. If however, you are not a fan of the classic teardrop shape of Ray-Ban Aviators, you can always go for the La Havana Aviator Shooters, which is designed with aviation-inspired details to preserve the appeal of the classic Ray-Ban Aviator. The style features a bullet hole styling in the centre, a double bridge, and thin temples that enhance peripheral vision in crystal lenses.

Another good alternative to the original Aviator is the Outdoorsman RB3030, which is crafted to add even more personality to the timeless sunglass style. It features a crystal lens, cable temples that add comfort and security to the glasses, and an enhanced brow bar.


This 1952 sunglass shape goes well with pretty much any outfit. If you want to get a pair of shades that will never go out of fashion, then the Original Wayfarer by Ray-Ban is your best choice. But if you are looking for a less angular version of this style, you can always grab the New Wayfarer that is made from a lighter acetate material and features a smaller frame.

The Wayfarer and Aviator are both classic pieces that you can rock this summer. The key difference between the two is the aesthetic of the frame. Wayfarer glasses are known for their square and bold frames that come in all sorts of colours, while the Aviator has a more flexible frame that complements the wide lens. The aviators are a better choice if you want to round out your masculine vibes. But if you’re more street, then a black Wayfarer frame should look great on you.


Ray-Ban Justin is a style inspired by the Wayfarer. It is noticeably bigger and a bit wider and taller than the Wayfarers. Ray-Ban Justin has a bold rubber finish and a semi-transparent frame that provides a dash of bad boy edge to your style. The slightly wrapped frame also contributes to the athletic look of this sunglass style.

You can choose from two lens sizes namely 51mm lens, and 54mm lens, and pick from seven colourways including brown, tortoiseshell, and classic black. This model is perfect for summer because it’s available with polarized lenses that help improve visual comfort in bright conditions. Not only that, but Justin is also available with mirrored lenses that reflect light away from your eyes, making it ideal for conditions of higher altitudes.

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