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Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2019

Placid and reassuring for years, men’s fashion has experienced bumps in recent times, with the complicity of streetwear, sportswear and the newer, more experimental generations facing the market and an adult wardrobe. The trends of spring-summer reflect this profound change in menswear, now made of a loss of boundaries between the genres (and the wardrobe of women and men, once distinct) and innovations that could have a long life.

The sartorial, unchanging for decades, becomes experimental, the elegant suits become asymmetrical and enveloping, the oversized shirts, the voluminous sneakers as in the 80s. In the whirlwind of all these innovations, we extracted the 10 best seasonal trends.

  1. The Elegant Suits Are Asymmetrical and Experimental

The sartorial changes: with the contribution of Dior by Kim Jones and other brands like Louis Vuitton that invest in experimentation, the clothes jackets are no longer the same, nor the proportions. Dior presents the asymmetrical jacket, a true obsession of spring / summer 2019.

  1. The Kilt

Recently the kilt has become the new sensation of both for summer and spring. This Scottish traditional dress is the real beauty of street fashion. The short length of the kilt is the true attraction for the summer season.

Let’s prepare to spread the charm of magical Isle of Skye tartan in the circle of style and fashion. Kilt shop is now so easy and handy that anyone can avail the best kilts online.

3.The Sneakers of Spring Summer 2019 Are (Still) Chunky

Among the most anticipated sneakers of 2019, which are starting to set trends in men’s fashion, there are the Nite Joggers from Adidas Originals. We have also chosen them as an example of a trend: there are still voluminous sneakers, and they dominate the market, but they are slowly thinning and lightening. Perhaps to prepare for a return to white and discreet tennis shoes!

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4.The Elegant Shirts Become Oversized

This shirt by Pal Zileri is just one example of a more substantial trend: men’s shirts, even elegant ones, are often oversized, or have less classic proportions and cuts. Three-quarter sleeves, Korean-style collars on traditional cuts, to match the dress, upset proportions. For the spring-summer, the brands try it all to not pack a boring shirt.

5.The Bags Are Hand and Shoulder Strap

The men’s bags for spring-summer look more and more like those for women: shoulder bags, handbags, new-generation work bags, all combine to diversify an environment where the backpack has so far reigned supreme.

6.The Sunglasses of The Summer 2019 Are Those For Cyclists

Certain trends are more resistant than others. If in other sectors of men’s fashion everything changes, as far as sunglasses are concerned we find a certainty: cycling sunglasses. Like those of Prada, who takes back in his sports DNA with the Red Line to lay down the law on the prince of the summer accessory?

7.The Coat For Spring 2019 Is Always The Trench Coat

The trench coat is a certainty of mid-seasons, but even this most classic piece of the classic undergoes some changes. Alexandre Mattiussi, Alexander McQueen, Neil Barrett and others cut it, decorate it with prints, change it, but little, its connotations. Because there is nothing better than modifying a garment a little to make it eternal and indispensable.

8.The Work Wear and Utility Trend Dominates 2019

The work wear, quell’abbigliamento taken from the manual labor world, conquering all the fashion spring summer 2019 after dominating the winter just ended, confirming a phenomenon that sees any kind of brand, Louis Vuitton designed by Virgil Abloh Heron Preston (photo) try their hand at carpenter’s multi-pocket vests, accessories like baby carriers and bags to wear around their necks, and in general an interesting fusion between wearable and transportable fashion, that is luggage.

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9.The Shorts Are Really Short

The shorts for the 2019 summer are really short. Inguinal, in some cases! The same goes for swimsuits, which forget the lengths of surfer swimwear for more succinct costumes (without getting to the slip). The (very) short shorts are perfect with the shirt, to elevate the outfit a little and make it as discreet as possible, if not exactly elegant.

10.The Season Color Is Green

Spring summer 2019, in addition to fluorescent shades and the predominance of white (especially in suits and formal dresses) sees a triumph of green in all shades: sage, the favorite, and fluo green.

Last Words

The above mentioned looks are always has a part of the summer-spring in both ways the elegant and trendy. If you are the person who is looking for something very impressive in summer then this list is definitely your cup of tea. Especially the kilt style dressing that is the rising star in the Fashion Street and Kilt Shop also an easy step.

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