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What Does A Wedding Planner Really Do?


When you’re getting married there will be endless suggestions from all your friends and relatives to hire some good wedding planner to plan out every last detail of the marriage. The same thing happened to me at the time of my marriage, so what I started was to ask them in return – What does a wedding planner actually do?

The answers that I got in return were pretty much the same that it’ll be really helpful, and that a wedding planner will be someone who will provide a helping hand through the entire planning process. To a certain extent, they are right but there are many other things that a wedding planner does that goes in the background and we never get to know about.

So, what I did was took some time out of the busy schedule and consulted one of the top wedding planners and asked them about what they actually do. So, here I am sharing some things that rarely anyone knows about and makes it really important to hire a wedding planner when preparing for the wedding.

Preparing A Checklist And Scheduling Everything

What makes hiring a wedding planner so important? In simple terms, you can’t plan a wedding without knowing what has to be done. A wedding planner will be someone who has planned a lot of weddings before and has knowledge of the different things that are essential for wedding planning. A wedding planner will help to prepare a checklist of all the tasks that need to be done, along with a schedule of each of those tasks.

Create And Stick To Budget

Yes, I understand that setting on a budget for the wedding is a tiresome task. A wedding planner can help you decide on a budget for your wedding and will also help you to stick to it. There will be times that you’ll want something that is completely out of your league and that’s when your wedding planner will keep you under check and tell you not to get the hopes high.

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Recommend Great Vendors

A wedding planner can give you some of the greatest vendor recommendations at the lowest price available in the market. Wedding planners plan many weddings and have some great contacts with the vendors. They will know exactly which vendors can deliver up to your expectations and will also suggest the vendors you must steer clear from.

Design Your Wedding

Some of the top wedding planners in Mumbai also double as the wedding designers. Now you might think that how a wedding planner is different from a wedding designer? A wedding planner is someone whose main focus is the logistics that go into the wedding. Whereas, the main focus of a wedding designer is to make sure that each and every detail that goes into the wedding is carefully crafted according to your recommendations.

Help You With Great Ideas

It is a great probability that you’ll be browsing through the endless stacks of wedding magazines to find some fresh inspiration. A wedding planner here will really save you all the trouble and will provide you with some brilliant customised ideas that’ll enhance your wedding as a whole. Be it something in the decor or maybe some catering menu additions, he/she’ll provide you with something that’ll sweep you off your feet.

Schedule The Meetings

Just like a personal assistant on a job, all the calls of the vendors will be routed to the wedding planner and he’ll be the person to go to. The wedding planner will draft your everyday schedule and will help arrange the meetings with the vendors and will give his useful suggestions and help decide which vendor to hire.

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Ensures Every Ceremony Is Planned To Perfection

It is the task of a wedding planner to see to it that everything works out smoothly as it should be. He’ll be someone who will look to it that your cake is delivered on time, the invites are received by each of the guests and also arrange for the conveyance required by the guests for transfers between the hotel and the wedding venue.

He’ll Fill In For You

There will be some time when you’ll be busy with your work or have to take time out from planning your wedding for any other reason. If you don’t have a wedding planner by your side at such a moment then it’ll set you back from your planning schedule. So, hiring a wedding planner will allow you to take the time out stress-free as you’ll know that there is someone who is preparing everything for you and keeping up with your planning schedule in your absence.

Everything’ll Be Much More Organised

Is it possible to organise a wedding that’s pretty much perfect, without the need of any wedding planner? What I really think about this question is that you can have a really great wedding but it is sure that because of your lack of experience in arranging for all the things that need to be decided for the wedding, you’ll miss out on something or the other. So, if you want everything to be seamless and perfectly arranged then hiring a wedding planner is definitely important.

Deal With Any Last Minute Chaos

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While I was discussing all the details with the wedding planner he told me of an experience that if not managed properly would have destroyed the entire wedding. There was a wedding that he was planning in which the caterer was late by more than 3 hours and showed up just 20 minutes prior to the time of arrival of the guests. He had to arrange for all the starters and welcome drinks like Delicious Mojito to serve to the guests from a different caterer at the last moment. This situation of chaos can happen with anyone and thus hiring a wedding planner becomes more important.

I am quite sure that there will be many other points to add to the list. But these are the ones that I came across when talking to the wedding planner. The main work for the wedding planners is to help the brides and the grooms in making their wedding days wonderful while also dealing with any chaos efficiently.

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