Best Budget Gaming Accessories That Turn Your PC into a Gaming Console

With the evolution of technology powerful hardware has become cheaper with the availability of modern operating systems like Windows 10, Android and iOS, gaming has become the most common mode of entertainment.

Though platforms like Android and iOS pioneered the art of distributing great games with advanced graphics. Mobile platforms can’t offer the true gaming experience that can only be experienced on a big screen.

That’s where gaming stations and gaming consoles come into the picture.

Gaming stations and gaming consoles give immersive gaming experience, but setting them up is very expensive.

But they will not stop you from playing games you love as you can play games even in a budget-friendly desktop PC with fairly affordable budget you can configure a PC that can play most modern games without ruining the gaming experience.

But to do that you need to pick the right PC hardware that is both inexpensive and powerful at the same time.

So here in this article, we will be featuring some of the best gaming accessories that can turn your regular work PC into a gaming PC at life first.

Here are our top gaming accessories

Logitech G90 gaming mouse

G90 Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitech G90 is one of the best gaming mice under 1000 INR. It is worth every penny and can be a great gaming accessory die basic gamers.

It comes with a 2500dpi optical gaming sensor that’s very fast with 2 Millisecond responses which are quite fast.

It is an entry-level gaming mouse in Logitech’s most durable G. Series accessories designed exclusively for gamers.

The mouse weighs only 106 grams and feels light in weight while using. One can easily play their favorite games and the mouse weight doesn’t hinder your hand motion.

Logitech G90 comes with pre-configured customizations and it is smart enough to automatically identify specific games and allow users to align their commands with the particular games. Also the gamers have the option to modify their inputting as per the settings of their preferred games utilizing drag-and-drop settings to personalize tracking profiles and buttons.

It is easy to set up the mouse and it supports all the latest operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8 and Linux

Zebronics Radiant Keyboard

A keyboard is an essential gaming accessory that is almost impossible to compromise. If you’re in the list games looking for the best keyboard at best price for gaming then Zebronics Radiant Keyboard is an ideal chance.

It weighs only 600 grams and gives a sturdy performance while playing. It doesn’t require any batteries and works with USB 2.0 connectivity. It has a plug and play connectivity and doesn’t involve a complex setup process.

It costs between 700 to 1000 INR on different e-commerce portals.

The Zebronics radiant keyboard is an ideal choice for amateur gamers and offers a great gaming experience it is the best gaming keyboard for beginners.

Skullcandy Anti Headphone

You don’t have to take a second thought as these awesome gaming headphones are from one of the best premium headphone maker, Skullcandy.

Don’t be scared of seeing the brand name as the price tag will make you happy. These premium headphones are just available at a price tag of INR 1000 on Flipkart and are the best choice.

Talking about the features, these are built to provide extra bass which gives immerse gaming experience.

The matte finish design looks premium and stylish. They’re available in two colors black and white, the black headphones looks really cool and trendy.

Final thoughts

These with the addition of their inexpensive gadgets thought can turn your boring work/home PC into a gaming PC and enjoy your favorite games.

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