10 Top Things You Need to Master for Pro Gaming

Professional Esports have transformed what was considered a childhood dream into a legitimate livelihood. It’s one thing to love playing video games, but imagine being paid while at it? Pro gaming has evolved from just being all fun and games to a fully funded, franchise sponsored event with over $1 billion in annual payouts.

The question on most people’s minds is, how do I become a pro player? Is it solely about the skill or is the equipment just as important? The short answer is, pro gaming is a far cry from just being fun, games, or even having the best gaming headphones, you’ll need a lot of commitment, a lot of practice hours, and tons of research!

That said, there are some things, if mastered, can help ease the transition into pro gaming;

Master One Console

The first advice any pro gamer will tell you is to pick a console. Most people tend to insist on trying to play everything. If you are good at PC or XBOX or PS4, find the one that you most excel at and stick to it.

The problem with trying to play on every console is it will affect how much time you put into each. Transitioning from a keyboard to a joystick, then from a joystick to gaming pad can be a little confusing. Which is why you need to master one and inject time and effort into it. The good thing about modern pro gaming events are set on almost all consoles, so you don’t have to worry about being left out.

Master your controls

After you’ve picked the console you’re most comfortable with, you will need to master how to play the game. Most pro gamers are instinctive in how they play. They know where each button is, and what it does to a point where they don’t need to be constantly checking to confirm the position of the buttons. If you play first-person shooter games like PUBG or Counter-Strike, you will notice that reflexes and quick reactions are a big part of pro gameplay.

You will have a problem if you are constantly fiddling around trying to shift camera angles while someone is shooting at you! Before beginning, ensure you master your keyboard, controller or joystick to a point where you have a mental picture of what goes where.

 Master the Art of Losing

Becoming a pro gamer is a lot like learning how to play the guitar. Even the best guitarists in the world have been constantly booed off stage before they finally got applauded. Rage control is everything in gaming, so if you are not ready to take a few hits then you’re in the wrong business.

You will lose, multiple times, each loss will serve as a learning experience. The more you play, the more you adapt. You need to be ready to lose several times, and not take it personally.

 Master the Art of Time Management

Understand that there is a fine line between being a pro gamer and an addict. The fact that the quest to becoming a pro gamer will take up a huge chunk of your time, it shouldn’t be all your time! It is important to know the difference.

Dedicate a few hours in your day to practice, have a schedule, keep your day job, and ensure you have a life away from your console. Learning how to manage your time effectively, as well as how much time to allocate to your gaming is a crucial factor.

Master the GAME!

Again, don’t try to play every game! The main reason most people don’t get to elite gaming ranks is that they try to play everything! You can’t be a pro-FIFA player and a Pro Counter-Strike player all in one breath. You have to pick a struggle.

Granted, you may need to play a few games to figure out which one you excel at, but once you find one that you are particularly good at, stick to it! The key here is to find a game that doesn’t bore you easily, one that you can play for hours at a time and one that you don’t struggle too much as you go up the levels.

 Master Your Equipment

Pro Gaming is as much about your equipment as it is about your expertise in the game itself. Note the fact that you will be playing for hours at a time, this will be a serious test on your resolve. It goes way beyond just knowing where your controls are, it’s the sum total of your rig and your gaming accessories.

If you are a PC gamer, you will need a setup that allows you to master where our joystick is, your gaming mouse movements, your screen-everything. Even the setup is key! Knowing where all your equipment is will save you tons of time, especially if you play games that require quick reactions.

Master the art of research

You can’t become a pro gamer by sitting in the house all day playing against the CPU. You’ll need to play against better players to learn their tactics and why they are where they are on the rankings. You will also need to watch lots of video tutorials, and watch live games to get a knack of how people do it on the big scene.

Research is the most crucial part of becoming a pro gamer because it exposes you to what people who have achieved PRO-status do both in terms of tactics and overall gameplay.

Master the Art of Persistence

Most people give up after a few losses because they lack persistence. The thing about getting good at anything is being mentally ready to lose a couple of times before you get really good. Persistence is all about getting up as many times as you fall, and pushing a little further the next time around.

Master the art of composure

The one thing that comes with competing on a continental platform is being able to handle nerves. Most PRO players are unusually calm under pressure because of the amount of time they have spent on these huge platforms. Playing against better opponents is the best way to learn and perfect your ability to be composed and to think fast.

Composure prevents you from making rash decisions while you play, it allows you to see and think clearly, and it is a dab hand at ensuring you remain cool even in the trickiest of situations.

Compete Online

You will need to test yourself at some point. This is where online tournaments come in. There are entry-level types, like FUT weekend leagues on FIFA and the likes. Before you get to the elite leagues, you will have to start from scratch and work your way up. The best way to gauge your progress is to see how you perform outside the comfort of your home.

Bottom Line

There is a lot of emphasis on practice, but there has to be some indication of progress. Playing 14 hours a day, every day will make you more of an addict than a pro. There has to be a strategy. Always ensure you test yourself against better players constantly as a way to see how much progress you’re making. For more info visit:


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