Recording Equipments For Home Studio The Top 9 Best

Getting started is far easier than you imagine, as a beginner all you need is a few essentials. You need to choose the best room for your studio to avoid small spaces, noise, poor flooring and poor acoustics. This article will show you the important process of building a simple home recording studio from scratch. Compared to a full-fledge recording studio that would cost you triple the price than making your own inbuilt one or even renting a studio is expensive. Sticking to what is simple and what would necessarily be needed is what is important to get the best results out of it.

Knowing the basics, in the first place, helps you to understand why it’s important, and why you need to get one, as well as how to make the choice that suits you.


The Perfect First Studio for Newbies or in Bedroom Studio.

  • A Computer
  • Audio Interface
  • Studio Monitors
  • Headphones
  • Digital Audio Workstation
  • Few Cables
  • Microphone
  • One Mic Stand
  • A Pop Filter



Invest in the best unit that you can afford for your home recording studio. It is more difficult decision may be whether to go with a desktop or laptop which one is the best to use.  Using Mac it tends to be a little more stable because the hardware is firmly controlled whereas PCs allows for an almost countless set of hardware configurations that desktop computer is more processing power, and the one thing that desktop computers lack is PORTABILITY.

Audio Interface

Mackie – Onyx Blackjack 2×2 USB

Recording Interface that connects to your instruments, microphones, studio headphones, and monitors to your DAW directly. The use of an audio interface can process and convert audio files faster than a computer would.

This may do all of your post-processing work like mixing and mastering and serves as the link between the computers and how you hear your work.

Studio Monitors

Mackie CR4 (Pair) “4 Woofer Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

These monitors are designed for the perfect studio-quality sound, is what is needed as an addition to help produce all multimedia creations, from either mixing music or even the sounds from films. It is one of the most popular models that are multipurpose use such as perfect for home studio, gaming, multimedia creations, or anything else you want to use them. As they are the best cheap studio monitors around right now.


Shure SRH-1540 Premium Closed-Back Headphones

It is an outstanding sound quality that leads one of the best brands in the business because of its pure class that delivers superior acoustic performance, comfortable to wear for hours at a time, helps to reduce the external noise and has the durability to professional engineers, musicians, and audiophiles alike.

Closed Back Headphones –  Used for recording tracks

Open Back Headphones –  Used for the mixing

Digital Audio Workstation

Pro Tools

Having been on the market for many years now, like a DAW for home recording it is simply the software environment where all the recording and editing of your music will happen. A DAW is a computer program is where all your sounds designed for editing, recording, mixing and mastering audio files.

I recommend starting with AVID Pro Tools 12 if you can afford it.  And if not, use AVID Pro Tools First instead which is for beginner version.


Just remember, you have analogue and digital cables.

With the Analog cables, you need to know about XLR, TRS/TS. These cables can enter over monitors or speakers which can vibrate their cones to duplicate the sound hidden in that signal by pushing air at your ears. It can also pass the signal to a converter to turn into a digital signal which is the large majority of people will only ever use for interface cables either USB or Firewire and maybe MIDI that carry information about how the music should sound.

Analog Connectors

XLR Male – connects to various types of hardware inputs.

XLR Female – connects to a microphone and various other types of hardware outputs,

TRS(Tip-Ring-Sleeve)– which connects to both inputs and outputs.


If you don’t plan to sing then consider investing in a decent microphone. For now, though, all you need is 1 or 2 to get started, and the ones you choose will depend on the instruments you plan to record. Since most people start just recording vocals, is start with Shure’s SM58 and Shure’s SM57  to use for instruments.

Blue – Snowball ice Black NEW

This USB microphone is the fastest and easiest way to get high-quality sound for recording and streaming. Ideal to use as a built-in microphone to your computer that you can use at home without investing in a “real” studio.

K&M 25400 Microphone Stand – Black

This Entry-level, low-priced microphone boom stand is particularly suitable for the mobile musician because of its flexibility. The Microphone stand is important in optimizing your studio for recording vocals and instruments and the quality of this stand is made up of highly durable materials even when dropped, hit or bumped against, this stand will remain secure and solid.

Pop Filter

The PS-6 Pop Filter from Shure with Metal Gooseneck

Known as Popper stopper is the leading tool in pop elimination technology. It shows a dynamic role in sound quality and protects the microphone and prevents a singer from ruin a recording due to loud breathing. It has 4 layer screen that reduces the pronouncing letters of “P” and “B”.

If you need help and hints or to have a clearer understanding on what would be needed as well as the right options to choose from, you can try to consult with a music store that may hold all of the above items, that way they can make suggestions based on what you are looking for as well as know the price ranges on each item. Learn more about Recording Equipment for sale in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arab

Plan and work out which pieces of gear you need when starting to make sure you get the most out of your budget. Start with gear that is well recommended but also affordable, and as your skills and your audio engineer’s ears develop you’ll be in a better position to get the best gear for your home studio.

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