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A Guide To Best Affiliate Marketing Methods For Beginners


So, what really is the best Affiliate Marketing method for beginners? As you might expect, it depends on many factors. For online affiliate marketing, you basically need to master three areas: creating content, getting traffic to your content, and converting that traffic to customers for your affiliate offers. Sound simple? Well, yes, and no. If you bring existing online or content creation skills to the table, that helps and will swing the path you go down for your affiliate marketing mastery.

Creating Content

Online, this can basically be broken into video, images and written content. So why do you need it? Well, no one is going to click on your affiliate link or subscribe to your offer email sequence if you are not offering them valuable content and a reason to do so. Video content is particularly valuable in engaging your audience and can be used well on the web in conjunction with written content (I’m sure you’ve seen things like video sales letters, which use a standard landing page with a video to tell you why you should subscribe to their offer…). Written content is also very valuable, especially if you are looking to get traffic from search engines. Images are also not to be ignored: you can use a great or clever graphic to get your point across with great effect.

Another point with content is that to gain attention from your audience, it’s important to give away genuine value in your content. No one is interested in seeing a sales pitch that they do not learn anything from.

Getting web traffic

This part ties in well with the creating content question – great content will help you use some methods more effectively. You can look broadly break web traffic into two categories: paid and unpaid. Both have their plusses and minuses, and not just the obvious one that you pay money directly for one, and that the other is ‘free’.

When you think of paid traffic, think sources such as Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Linked-in advertising, native ads, and many, many other forms. Why would you pay for traffic? Well, when done well, you can basically turn on targeted traffic to your content and offers to whatever level you are prepared to fork out for. Paid traffic can be well-targeted for potential customers – for example with Facebook it’s easy to target customers by interest.

Traffic that you don’t pay for sounds like a great thing, and it is, but just because you don’t pay-per-click (PPC) to get traffic, doesn’t mean that it won’t cost money or your time and effort at least. Probably the best known unpaid traffic method is Google search, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an enormous topic that could fill several sets of encyclopedias. You don’t need to know it all to make it work however, check out this guide for how to make SEO work for affiliates. There are numerous other unpaid sources of traffic that can be utilized – Facebook organic, Pinterest, forums, the list is almost endless. Organic Search (ie Google) has a massive benefit in that traffic from here has directly searched for your content, and is likely to be very interested in what you are offering.

Converting Traffic

So, that traffic is piping in, now you just need a way to make it make money for you. Having someone click on your link, buy your vendor’s product and earn a commission is what you need but it’s easier said than done.

There are many persuasive ways to write sales copy and generate a convincing need for the product in question, again, beyond the scope of this article. One important consideration is if someone visits your content, but does not buy anything at that time, how do you retain them as a customer? This is where an offer for some free content, such as an ebook guide can be given in exchange for the customer’s email address. Why do that? Simple – you are now able to advertise via email to them at will (within reason). Email marketing is a numbers game every affiliate marketer should have in their toolkit.

Affiliate Marketing is tough for beginners to make profitable, but once you do, it’s really a great way to passively earn an income. Make today the day to start your journey.

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