Top 5 smart gadgets for your home security

Who doesn’t love gadgets ! Well the times ain’t good, that’s for sure. The world isn’t Safe anymore where you can just leave your front door open to go to some other place and still feel safe. Thing is that your assets are your future security. If by chance any of them are stolen, you won’t have any chance to bring those years back through which you have worked tirelessly to be able to afford those assets.

BUT one need not fear anymore. The development of technology has now made it possible for your house to be safe and you to be stress-free while going out. From the usage of CCTVs to various other gadgets are there now to help you with various things. These new machines can help you make yourself, your family and your assets safe.

In this article we are going to take about some of those gadgets, 5 to be precise, which are needed for the safety of your house. In order to make your home full proof and safe, total knowledge about these gadgets will definitely help you. Here are the five top gadgets for you to make your family, your house and you safe.

Wi – fi Video Doorbell

So WiFi video doorbell is another very fascinating gadget that has been there to ensure your house protection. It lets you see who is at your door even if you are not present in the house. What basically happens is that the doorbell sends direct video to the registered smartphone. You can not only see that someone is at your door, your can also communicate through that.

In that way if someone is there at your door, he or she will not be able to understand if you are in the house or not. It lets you see the person standing at your doorstep but doesn’t let that person see you.

Securifi almond 3 smart router

Router is something that is very common in today’s household. Anywhere you go, you can see one router and you’ll have tremendous options to choose from. It actually has 2 main features which is very difficult to find in other same priced routers.

It consists a touch screen and a smart home hub which is built in. What it actually provides is full access to all dials proving transparency. It is very easy to set up. You can use the securifi app easily to set it up. The thing is pretty affordable so won’t give you a pocket burn.

Smart door lock

Door Lock

In today’s uncertain times, smart door locks are very useful products. They not only provide safety while you are away from home but also while you are inside.

Masterlock, ASSA ABLOY, Zhongshan Yinghua Lock Industry, August, Kwikset, Techlicious, samsung, Panasonic, Guangdong Be-Tech Security Systems, DESSMANN, Lockitron, Kaadas,, Okidokeys, Adel, Jiangmen KEYU Intelligence, these are the companies which are playing a big role in the smart door lock business.

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The smart door locks include fingerprint lock, electronic locks, electronic sensor locks, remote lock etc. The smart locks are not only for private spaces but also they are used for commercial purposes and other things.

Security entry defense alarm

Security entry defense alarm is a system which is very popular now a days. The security alarms are used for various reasons. For example, personal security alarms can be used for making sure that if there is a force entry in a personal property, the alarm rings of.

Other security alarms are like security alarms in various sensitive institutions, for instance banks have this high level security alarms installed in them to protect them in the time of need. Otherwise there are also various other places where this type of security defense alarms are used for security purposes.

Home security camera

Home security cameras are most famous today in terms of security and reliability. Who hasn’t heard about home security cameras in the era of 2021. Security cameras or CCTV cameras are gadgets which are attached in your home and then records everything that’s happening around.

Now the security cameras come with various features. For example, some cameras can even record upto a range of 360 degrees’ angle. One other thing about this gadget is that it is not very much expensive, therefore affordable and easy to fit. So getting the best home security cameras will take away the extra stress. You can find various cameras online.

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