All You Need to Know About Headphone Audio Cables

Do you own a wireless headphone or the existing one is going out of date and quality? Here’s a quick guide on all the things you need to know about headphone audio cables. You’ve probably got a pair of earphones to meet the listening needs, wired or wireless. If you have one, this article is for you. There are a lot of things that you need to know about headphone cables before buying a new one or replacing it for good.

All the things that make up mind for finding the best headphone cable could be its quality, cord length, insulation type, brand, and price. Also you need to visit the reviews websites as well like the buyers trend  to know about the top product reviews and buyers guide 2019, especially about best Bluetooth headphones and audio cables. No doubt, an expensive wire is not definitely the best one or vice versa. There needs to be something you need to consider before buying an audio cable for headphones.

Cord Length

Yeah, it matters most if you are going to use it occasionally for cordless audio speaker or headphones. Before buying a cord for headphones, make sure it is more than a 1m length at least. If it’s lesser than a meter or standard 1.5m, it’s definitely not an excellent choice for long-term usage.


It must be tangle-free, for that you need to find a flat cable made of rubber or nylon. The former is still a better choice for a flat cable as the flat ones can’t tangle naturally. In contrast, if a wire is rounded, it is likely to get mixed up and tangled more easily and frequently than the flat ones. Buy original tangle-resistant rubber cables that are knot-free. The only disadvantage of flat cables is that it is difficult to wrap up the flat one instead of the easily wrapping rounded cables.


It’s a must-have for all the headphone cables, be it for a speaker set or your computer headphones. If you are going to buy one, buy smart control-enabled wire with physical buttons. The most basic ones have three buttons for volume up & down, and play/pause button. It makes it easier to control the music during wired mode, changing music, playing& pausing is made more comfortable in the presence of physical buttons. The ones with physical buttons are more sophisticated and trendy in 2019 rather the simple ones.

The right cable type

There are tons of species in cable types and construction, be it the simple rubber cable or nylon for sturdiness. The rubber cables are more elastic and last longer if the insulation is durable and qualitative in construction, not talking about the 1-dollar headphone cables. The nylon cables are sturdy in construction but lack elasticity, they tangle and cost more than the simple rubber cables.


Some cables start noise and distortion after a few days or weeks, some get along for years. To guess it rightly for the quality, make sure to check the insulation at the cable head. If it’s doing right at the jack, it will last longer. Before buying a new headphone audio cable, make sure to plug them in and play a bit to check if there’s any distortion or not.

Top 2 Headphone Audio Cables 2019

AUX Cable, IBRA 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable

IBRA aux cables are the best on Amazon select the size and experience the best from your audio system or car. The cables are available in different colors and sizes, the quality is great, the compatibility is universal, and the weight of product would be just as needed. The 15ft cable length is a masterpiece; you can take it anywhere, connect it to your audio system and enjoy the privilege of lossless sound free of noise and without any significant signal losses.

The aux cable has a 3.5mm audio jack compatibility with sharp and HQ input and output plugs. It is what you want from IBRA audio cable. There is tight space inside that will give you best of the output sound quality and flexibility that will never get beaten by any other product. The sound is great, be it any input device.

The 5m cable can be taken anywhere. The wires are made of pure copper that is fast signal processors along with the tough and unbreakable nylon fiber woven coating. The HD cable is one of the most beautifully designed aux.


  • All the cables pass 90-degree bend test before shipment
  • The 3.5mm jack is universally compatible
  • There is a wide range of colors from blue to orange.


  • The aux cable will cost around $15 along with shipping cost
  • The total weight is 5.6 ounces

AUX Cable, IBRA 3.5mm Auxiliary Nylon Audio Cable

The classic black IBRA auxiliary audio cable is the sexiest color in the aux category; the length of 15ft makes it adorable and handier contrary to the shorter versions of IBRA cables. The 3.5mm audio jack compatibility and Amazon certification will tempt you to buy the all-black from the store. Attach it to a Smartphone or a laptop, or for heavier use with speakers and home cinema, highly durable aux cable will never let you down in any case.

The sound is flawless; the cable is tangle-free with gold plated connectors and into-corrosive plugs with an aluminum alloy shell behind it. It is designed to endure huge strains; all the cables pass 90-degree bend test before being available in the Market. It can comfortably be called the strongest aux cable in the market, thanks to the nylon fiber woven jacket that can endure up to 17000 bends.


  • 5mm jack is universally compatible
  • Nylon jacket is tangle-free and designed to endure 15000+ bends in a lifetime.
  • Gold-plated anti-corrosive connectors increase the lifetime of IBRA aux cables.
  • The product is available in several lengths and colors


  • It is only shipped within the United States
  • $3.49 shipping fee from Amazon.

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