Basic Engine Maintenance Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

Keeping your heads up about maintaining your car is extremely important. The car engine is one of those parts that need your over and above attention, as any kind of fault in it could make your car functionality suffer. Preventive maintenance can increase the life of your car engine and can save your money on repairs.

So, it should come with no surprise that car owners have a responsibility for the monitoring and maintenance of their vehicle. No, you do not have to study and pass the ASE test to keep your vehicle in a proper condition. Here, I am providing some of the basic tips that would help the average driver keep his/her car running smoothly.

Learn Basic DIY

You do not need to excel in the field concerning engine maintenance just to own a car, but as a vehicle owner, there are a few basic things you should know about engine care. After all, you have spent your hard-earned money on your car, and you want your investment to be kept in good condition, right?

The first thing every car owner should know is how to check the oil, the fluid reservoirs, and the tire pressure. Ok, tires are not technically a part of the engine, but this is something you should know when we are talking about making your car running smooth. Unfortunately, there are many people who have not even lifted the hood of their car yet.

If you are not sure how to carry out these checks properly, then you can take the help of a mechanic. Bring your car to the mechanic and ask to show how to complete these tasks. If you are attentive towards scheduling your car maintenance regularly, then you most probably do not need to worry about inspecting your car on your own.
However, if you are heading for a long trip, you should know how to check and replace fluids, as you never know.

Plus, knowing how to check the tire pressure can save you from the costly blowout.

Listen to Your Car

Thanks to the evolving technology that now allows the computer to interact with a variety of sensors and systems in your car to inform you about when your car needs service and when your engine is somehow being compromised. Of course, there are many other ways your car can inform you of the problems.

You might not understand the different sounds you hear from your car, but you probably know they are not good. So, be watchful what your car tries to tell you, whether it is making weird noises, accelerating or braking slowly than usual, flashing lights on the dashboard, or trembling at high speeds. You can read my previous blog on car warning signs for better information and know-how to deal with it.

Buy Quality Auto Parts

Well, you do not need to know the whole nine yards about how the engine works, how fuel and air intake, and how a slew of engine parts perform to make your engine run and your wheels turn. All you need is basic information on engine maintenance, the approach of a good mechanic, and quality auto spare parts.

If your mechanic suggests you to buy solite car battery or any other parts of a particular brand, then you should listen to them, as they know your car and your expectations from it. You can ask your mechanic some of the best spare parts options for your vehicle and can buy them from a reputed auto spare parts supplier both offline and online.

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