Customized High Quality Cables Importance That You Should Know

What is the importance of Customized high-quality cables, well there are countless reasons why choosing a high-quality cable would be the best or better option, which one of the main reasons would be the quality that it would provide for the audio or visual that they are being used for, another reason would be the safety reasons? But what about using a custom cable? What is a customized cable? What types of cables can be customized? All these types of questions may confuse plenty of people as they hardly ever get asked or even answered, so to start things off and to get a clearer understanding of custom cables what is the process exactly.

What is a Customized Cable?

A customized cable is a cable that is requested through an inquiry, with all the specifications that would be needed. Not anyone can make custom cables, to go through the correct procedure of creating custom cables from certain brands, the people creating them must be acknowledged and have their certification to create the cables.

Types of Cables That Can be Customized

As for the types of cables that can be customized, the options would be of either copper or fiber customization, both of them are the standard cables that would constantly be used depending on their situations. Now, what are the difference between the two for those who have no idea what are copper or fibre cables, well they are both different forms of cable connections.

Copper is a cable that was used primarily for a countless number of years, used in various areas and installations from offices to homes being an inexpensive option to choose and much easier for people to install. They have a low resistance to electrical currents but yet has a limit of distance and signal interferences as the data that would be transmitted would be done through electrical pulses that run through across the copper cable.

Fibre cables have a fairly thin glass or plastic strands, these strands are said to be much thinner than a human hair’s strand. Depending on the cable various types can be found from big thick cables that may hold a hundred strands inside or thin cables that would hold as little as two strands. The most important part of the fibre cable would the “core” this area is where the data gets transmitted through, they get sent along as light and get be sent through in great distances in comparison to a copper cable. Learn more about High-quality custom cables.


Different brands that require certificates for customizing cables would be brands such as Neutrik, Lemo, Furukawa and such companies that all know well known for their cables/connectors in the market. Having this certification from each company would generally mean that they would know to produce their specific connector or cables and to repair them if anything were to happen. For Neutrik that would be for OpticalCon and Lemo the SMPTE.

What is the Process of Getting a Customized Cable Made?

There are a few processes that would need to be done to get the customizations going through, that would involve any necessary specifications that you may require and the set deadline that everything would need to be done by.

  • Everything would begin by submitting an inquiry in which the company is specialized in cable customization and have all the needed requirements to go forward with the inquiry. If you already know what you are looking for it would be best to state what it is, whether it would be a fibre or copper cable or any other specific details that would need to be added in. For those that are unsure about what they are looking for exactly or don’t know the specific terms to describe them, finding the right company to help you in which you can discuss and come to an understanding of what would be best. If you have any doubts about the company, a way to learn that your requirements can be made is through asking them what is the design process that they use and see whether it is good enough to go forward with designing your cables.
  • From then onwards, it would be the company contacting about the inquiry that you had sent out to them and from there they would send you a quotation if it doesn’t proceed this way that would be because they would need more information from your side on what it is exactly that you need, for them to come up with a design and get approved to begin. Once the production begins you should be informed on what time process is needed to create the cables and from there onwards a delivery or pickup service would be needed.

Seeing the step-by-step process on what goes through once placing an order, it helps give you a better understanding instead of worrying about what would happen next. The use of custom cables can be important in some aspects, that is because the cables that are customized would are mainly used for the specific application that no standard cable or connector would be able to withstand the usage, obviously if it is one of the off the shelf cables that are available immediately for usage are good but upon application, the performance that they provide must be top-notch.

For applications such as something along the lines of the industry level, the cables are the most essential part to connect everything on the system. Creating a custom cable this would allow you to choose all the needed specifications that would be required for your applications, in which once the design is done and ready for using it all the issues that you would usually face with a standard cable of having poor connections or networking speeds, it addresses them and improves the whole performance by improving the speed and connectivity.

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