Top 10 Best Wireless Internet Service Providers in the USA

Finding the best internet provider is never easy. Each company is having its pros and cons — some companies giving out high speed but still fail to provide customer care services.

Here is the list of top 10 internet providers that you should check out:


xfinity wireless Internet service provider USA

Across 41 states in the US, no matter where you are, there are high chances of Comcast’s Xfinity providing services there. The speed offers range from 15mbps to 2Gbps. It offers different plans starting from 29.99$ per month.

Apart from the starting price, various bundles are offered by Xfinity varying as per the services it provides.

AT&T internet wireless

AT&T wireless internet provider in USA

One of the aged company still the best in context to provide customer care services in the USA. Keeping things simple, this company offers three plans: 100mbps, 300mpbs, and 1Gbps, respectively.

It also offers low-speed internet as well for some users, which is 5mbps. For the significant plans, it costs at least 50$ — moreover, a reliable and customer friendly company.

Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum

Unlike others, this company offers one data plan only, and it costs 44.9$. Apart from the data plans, if a customer wants to double the speed up to 400mbps, an extra 20$ will be charged.

The good thing about this provider is that it provides a modem with no data caps, which makes it the right choice for the customers in the US. Customers can gain access to spectrum mobile as well as similar to Xfinity with an unlimited data plan for $45.


Optimum wireless Internet service provider USA

Most people want an internet provider with a good reputation in context to speed that it provides. Optimum is highly recommended for the people looking for speedy internet.

The basic plan costs $44.99 with 200mps speed. However, those customer wants to double the speed have to pay an extra $20 to get 400mps finally. Cons of this company are that it is not widely available everywhere unless you live in New York, New Jersey, or some parts of northeast Pennsylvania. 


Viasat wireless Internet service provider USA

The issue of non-availability is not with Viasat as it uses satellites to provide internet wherever you live. Apart from the availability, the speed is quite enough, but the low data caps that de-prioritizes your data in case if you exceed a specific limit.

Furthermore, costly data plans are there too, which are $150 for 100mbps for the first three months and after that $200.


HughesNet wireless Internet service provider USA

This internet provider is unique from other ISPs. You don’t have to choose between different data plans, and you can buy different data caps instead. The prices are different for different caps. $50 for a small data cap of 10 GB and $139.99 for the 50 GB data cap.

HughesNet is an excellent choice for people in areas having no choice but to use a satellite internet service. It is basically for the people in some areas who don’t have many options.

Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications wireless Internet service provider USA

One of the ISP that is available in most of the rural areas in the US. This company offers DSL, cable, and fiber internet connects to the customers. Used by people having fewer options.

Frontier Communications is mostly used in rural areas. As going away from the urban, internet availability decreases, and this is one major drawback of this ISP.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios wireless Internet service provider USA

The first IPS to introduce fiber internet in homes. It offers three simple data plans. Offering 100, 300, and 940Mbps costing $39.99, $59.99, and $79.99 per month.

Furthermore, apart from the reliability and competitive pricing, Fios is widely known as a good company with excellent customer care services. Although the right choice regarding internet services.

Cox Internet

Cox Internet wireless Internet service provider USA

A good internet provider but having complex rates as compared to others. The basic 10mbps costs $29.99 per month. Apart from the basic, if you’ll pay $10 extra, you will get 30mbps speed. Furthermore, if you want to increase it 150mbps, you have to pay $59.99 per month, and finally, if you need 1Gbps speed, you have to pay $99.99 per month.

Apart from the complexity in prices, availability is an issue with Cox Internet. This ISP is available in only 18 states in the US.

Century link

Century link wireless Internet service provider USA

The last pic but relatively inexpensive one. It provides the maximum 1Gbps, but mostly it relies on TV subscriptions and offers attractive packages regarding TV.

The basic introductory price is $85 for any speed and may change after some time.

 The availability is an issue with this ISP as well. It may not be available in your area, mostly available in urban areas of the US.

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