5 Reasons why Black Hat SEO Tactics are stillused by People?

Black hat tactics are mostly risky nowadays and often lead to disappointment or a possible penalty by Google for using not-so-recommended strategies approved by the major search engine. However, junk like SEO is alive and well in 2020, some people are still able to use black hat SEO tactics and able to rank well on the search engines as well.

The truth about black hat SEO is that everybody has his own definition of black hat SEO when it comes to going deliberately against Google’s guidelines. Some SEO Professionals still believe that they can use black hat SEO and find fast ways to solve their ranking problems. As a matter of fact, a recent Search Engine Journal post by BenxiAreola states that many people still believe that black hat SEO is easier than white hat SEO; which is why they encourage other to use these tactics.

Some Common Black Hat SEO Tactics People Use

Black hat SEO has similarities with white hat SEO; however, these tactics are different because they involve using spam and other things that Google and other major search engines despise strongly these days. The most common black hat SEO tactics used by people include:

  • Cloaked content
  • Link spamming
  • Stuffing keywords into content
  • Using PBNs private blog networks
  • Using social bookmarking and forums
  • Spamming of profile links
  • And many more

However, you should not make this mistake and think that these tactics will be the only way to get a ranking for your website. Therefore, if you see a website that ranks really well, then there is a possibility that the site may use black hat SEO tactics without getting a penalty. Before using black hat SEO into your digital marketing strategies, you must also understand its pros and cons.

Here are the top five reasons why sites still use black hat SEO and get away with it to rank well.

The SEO Campaign is in an Early Phase

Anyone involved in SEO professionally knows that it is a big race as hard as a marathon. Because many black hat see can trigger a sudden boost in the website rankings, many SEO people believe that they can get quick short term results with black hat SEO. However, what they don’t know is that these results can diminish as quickly as they can appear.

“If you see some quick changes and improvements in your rankings by using black hat SEO, then understand that this performance will never last in the long run”. These words are said by the director marketing of Elink Solutions, one of Pakistan’s oldest SEO and SMM firm. The expert says that in the long run, only white hat SEO tactics work and they are also safe to use. The irony is that many black hat SEO users are aware of this bitter truth and still do nothing to avoid black hat strategies.

You can use Spam in Some Industries

Not all industries are equal or as competitive; you can see some emails in your spam folder that are sent by companies without your permission or knowledge.  People participating in these industries often use black hat SEO techniques; many businesses use black hat SEO such as mortgage and loans business in their arsenal. These strategies seem to work for them too.

When the Target Market is in a Low Competitive Area

In many countries such as the United Kingdom and other advanced countries, SEO is still maturing and has not reached its maturity level in less developed countries. Mostly, black hat see techniques are used by marketers in industries belonging from poor countries because they are not targeting a highly competitive market and find fewer websites competing for rankings.

They are Targeting Long Tail Keywords

No matter which SEO technique you are using, whether it is black hat or white hat, the keywords are always useful when they are long-tail and tailored to the needs of the website. This way, you are likely to rank keywords by utilizing black hat SEO. For example, if you are using a long eight-word keyword that includes unique words about your industry or niche, this is an unimpressive technique that still works.

White Hat Tactics Always Overpower Black Hat

Believe it or not, all SEO campaigns are overpowered by white hat tactics compared to black hat these days. If you are an SEO professional and using 200 white hat and 10 black hat tactics, then it means the white hat tactics are surely dominating the black hat tactics. This means you can still use 10% black hat SEO to gain rankings.

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