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What Is Seo And How Do You Do It – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine Optimization

Definition of search engine optimization

The means and definition of SEO. Search engine optimization is the process of ranking the get high business in the search engine on unpaid sections and getting traffic on the web.

What is search engine optimization

Seo is a search engine like google, yahoo, bingo. And We said in simple language that digital marketing and the internet depend on SEO and it is the way of online selling companies like any type of product and any kind of service. Our website can stay on top by search engine

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To increase organic traffic. If traffic will be increased on websites, so also income will be increased. every search engine doing work in three steps. The first step is crawling and second is indexing and the last one is ranking


When a search engine finds your page and bots and spider scan the page so its procedure call crawling.


Index depends on the on-page quality and content quality so then index in search engine.


According to search engine ranking  showing page search result position and ranking

Type of search engine optimization

Hare is two types of search engine the first is on-page SEO and the second is off-page SEO. There are two important factor types of search engines the whole SEO depends on this.

On-page SEO search engine optimization

On-page is the most important factor is getting organic traffic increase on websites. Its use only on website use of search engine optimization

For setup a website. And the most important factor of on-page SEO is a title, meta tag, web design, and website speed, etc.

Off-page search engine optimization

Now we know about off-page SEO is the use of promoting the links on the internet for the increase and rank of our website and post. its use of off-page for increasing ranking and getting website traffic. Also, we use social networking sites. Facebook, Facebook pages, twitter, and google plus, etc. and social bookmarking sites like guest posting, Blog Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, Video Sharing, photo sharing, and Question and Answering, etc.

Type of search engine Techniques

White hat

There are two types of SEO techniques: first is white hat search engine optimization who follow the rules and guidelines and we build links from true ways of SEO. Like content quality, easy and good navigation, keyword and link building, etc.

Black hat

Black hat search engine optimization is when we don’t use any rules and guidelines of Google for ranking and increasing traffic but it is a bad trick and black hat SEO technique like keyword stuffing, invisible keyword, duplicate content, etc.

How do search engine optimization

There are many ways to do it yourself if you have short money and if you have money so you can consult agency SEO by getting coachings and youtube tutorial and google article on SEO. But if you learn about SEO so you have to be a creative mind and technical. So you get help from them so you can learn easily about search engine optimization.

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