Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Photo Editing Application for You

You must already know one of the video editing software that is very often used by professionals or beginners. There are many interesting features that will help in the problem editing activities.

Now available the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro. Entered as one of the Adobe CC (creative cloud) families, Adobe premiere pro CC will offer a variety of new advantages that you will be able to take advantage of.

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Adobe Premiere Pro is one application that is widely used for video editing on Windows and macOS devices. Premiere Pro is often used to edit videos, advertisements, and even films, television, and other online videos. Premiere Pro is a comprehensive video editing software and is also available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud application set.

CC stands for “Creative Cloud” and is a version of Premiere Pro that requires a subscription. Premiere Pro from old versions, like Premiere Pro CS, does not require a subscription. Adobe transitioned to a subscription-based version as part of the Creative Cloud family in 2013.

Adobe released the latest update for Adobe Premiere Pro CC in a period of 12 to 18 months. Updates from year to year are quite simple, making the difference between versions like Premiere Pro CC 2017 and Premiere Pro CC 2018 invisible to most users.

Creative Cloud is the answer that Adobe is trying to provide for software piracy. Some of the advantages of other creative clouds are:

Easy to Install and Upgrade

The first advantage of Adobe Premiere CC is its ease of installation and upgrade if there is a newer version. In the previous version, you will need to install every time there is a newer version, so for Adobe Creative Cloud, you only need to buy an official license from Adobe.

After that, you can set who are the employees who are entitled to use this application. Each user will get a verification email to log into Adobe Console, and manage what applications themselves will be used.

Affordable Budget

When you see the cost, Adobe Premiere Pro CC subscription will be more convenient than buying the application in full. With a subscription system, you only need to allocate funds that are not large per user. You can also choose the application as needed.

There are several packages provided, such as packages that can be used for graphic design and multimedia activities, marketing and analysis packages, or packages that can support your business activities. These packages can reduce the costs you need to buy your application license.

Revoke License

A lifetime license will certainly be a problem if the employee is given a resign from the company. In overcoming this problem there is a revoke feature, where you can withdraw licenses from an account, and be safe from misuse.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the latest version of Adobe for their video editing application, with a subscription license feature, you can have this application cheaply.

Working in the field of video production has become a trend nowadays since the emergence of YouTubers and content creators who creatively use the existing platform as a place to make a living where they pour their ideas through video.

Along with this, many people are now starting to be interested in learning how to make videos from capturing to later become a work that can be of interest to many people. For that, you should start to get to know the software that is commonly used in the field of video production. One software you can try is Adobe Premiere Pro.

For those who have been struggling in this field for a long time, they must be very familiar with this one of the best-selling software.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a software specifically used for video editing ranging from merging videos, trim videos, adjusting speed, adjusting audio, adding effects, and some animations that make videos look so attractive.

Of the many video editing software available, Adobe Premiere is the most widely used because, in addition to having complete tools, this software is also easy to use with a typical look of Adobe Inc.

Even many television broadcasts that use this software because it provides many variations of diverse effects. Adobe Premiere Pro does have many advantages that make it easy for users as below:

  • Has a timeline of up to 99 columns to include video and audio. Where audio can be added starting from setting background music, Sound FX, and other audio.
  • Users can capture video from a camcorder connected to a computer or laptop that can be saved in various file formats.
  • Easy to make the video title or text needed in your video, because it has provided 3 titles at the premiere.
  • It has a very comfortable interface to look at, because of the neatness and completeness of the workspace by providing various columns with useful functions.
  • Facilitate users to manage files against what is needed in the video editing process used to be able to browse so that the process is faster.
  • Have accuracy to the video time up to 0.01 seconds which can enrich the user’s video more leverage with the maximum.
  • It has effects that are very useful for video editors such as the effect of lumetry which functions as a light, shadow, and highlight. Curve effect is useful for the sharpness of the image of the video.
  • Supports various presets that can add a cooler and better video aura. Like plugins or presets that were booming, namely ChungDha presets with the Zoom In, Zoom Out transition, and others.

If you really aim to focus on editing videos, download Adobe Premiere Pro Full Version, you can do it. This software can also be combined with other Adobe software such as After Effects.

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