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Exam, this word has its own way of scaring people whether kids or adults. We all fear of failing in exams or scoring less marks. When it comes to competitive exams, the stress level in all candidates rises. Everyone gives their best to prepare for exams.

There are many ways to practice what you’ve learned including mock tests. This internet-enabled world has given new dimensions to how people used to prepare for their exams. There are many mobile-based applications available for candidates to brush up their knowledge and become ready to crack competitive exams.

In this article, we will talk about 10 best applications that’ll help you prepare for your aptitude test. By installing these applications you can easily practice tests irrespective of your location. Whether you are traveling, lying down, or even while having a night walk after food. These applications will get you covered for the tests whenever and wherever you want. You will get questions from different subjects, genres, and categories that appear in exams.

Unacademy Learning App

It is one of the best and largest learning platforms that are admired for having a good User interface. Whether you are preparing for SSC, UPSC, or even bank exams, this learning app has a separate bunch of tests for you. Not only for competitive exams, but the Unacademy learning app is also useful for school students. They can practice what they’ve learned with its CBSE section. By using this application, you can also take online lessons from the best educators.

Aptitude Plus

Anyone who is preparing for government job exams or Bank/PO exams, Aptitude Plus is the best choice. It has organized sets of questions that you can attempt to check how much you are ready for your exam. You can also get explanations of the answers in the simplest possible way. This makes Aptitude Plus a better option for beginners. The language is so simple that anyone can understand easily. It is also good for SSC exam preparation.

Aptitude Test and Preparation

With the user rating of about 4.5, it is one of the best applications for the preparation of aptitude tests. Focused on mathematics, this application has several tricks that help you shorten your problem-solving time. This app is considered good for those preparing for GMAT, SAT, CAT, or MAT. It filled with a wide range of questions & answers that’ll sharpen your aptitude skills.

 Olive Board

It is one of those aptitude test applications that provide topic-wise preparation for your test. This application is ideal for candidates preparing for UPSC, Railways, Banking, and SSC exams. Not only aptitude tests, but this application will also allow users to take video lessons for a better understanding of various topics. This application is loved by many users.

Logical Reasoning Test: Practice, Tips & Tricks

The logical reasoning part is something very common that comes in all competitive and aptitude exams. Becoming strong in this section of an exam can help you score well. This application is specifically designed to improve your logical reasoning by giving some amazing tips. While using this application, you’ll see many tricks that will ease the way you solve the questions related to logical reasoning. It also features daily and online tests to brush-up your skills.

All Formulae for Aptitude

This is another Android-based aptitude application that is available on the Play Store. In this app, you will find all formulas that are used while solving aptitude questions. It will also explain how to use each formula with an example. This will help you learn and understand in a better way.

All formulas are categorized to provide a deep understanding of why, where, and how they are used. All Formulae for Aptitude could be the formula guide that you can access anytime and anywhere.

Aptitude Math Concepts

This application is designed with all mathematical formulas, tips & tricks, and aptitude concepts that’ll be of great help in clearing competitive exams. It also contains Vedic Maths tricks that’ll help in quickly solving complex mathematic questions. Each formula is packed according to its category for providing a clear understanding. This application will be helpful for all candidates preparing for jobs in the government sector and civil services.

Aptitude Master- Competitive Exam App

This application has got you covered with logical reasoning, computer basics, aptitude, and verbal ability. It is loaded with a large number of practice questions that will help sharpen your aptitude skills and score good marks.

This aptitude master application is suitable for both competitive exams and getting campus placement in top companies. It also gives you the liberty to adjust the difficulty level according to your preparation. You will surely enjoy practicing on this application.

Aptitude and Interview Preparation

This is another application for candidates who are preparing for campus placement or competitive examination. It is highly appreciated for having a smart & interactive user interface with an explanation of answers in simple language. This application is well-suited to prepare for GMAT, AIPMT, SAT, and many more. It’ll explain to you each question in the simplest way possible.


It won’t be wrong to say that it is a complete package for aptitude tests. This application is easily available on the Play Store and shows a rating of about 4.6. It covers almost all categories including mathematics, problem-solving, computer programming, current affairs, verbal & non-verbal reasoning, engineering, and many more. Each genre covers many subcategories providing an explanation of each topic in simple English.

IndiaBIX will make learning easy for you and help in clearing complex topics in the simplest way possible. No matter it is an exam, interview, or entrance test, this application will always support you.


These are the 10 best aptitude applications that we’ve found after research. Each of the applications is good and ideal for candidates preparing for competitive exams. They have a simple user interface so it is easy to navigate through different icons. These applications are also admired for explaining every concept in a way that everyone can understand after reading.

If you say to pick our choice from these ten, then we will choose IndiaBIX. The main reason for this is that it covers a wide range of categories and topics. This application also has an interactive user interface plus simple language that is easy to understand.

As all are best, you can download the one you like and prepare for your exams in a better way. All the Best!

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