Top 20 Free iPhone Apps You Should Know

iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the world. We all know that. But what makes it even a greater phone are the plenty of apps that you can download on this phone.

Over the past many years, we have seen some of the best iPhone apps that topped the app market and filled the gossip columns of many technology magazines. Some of them deserve a mention here:

Google iPhone

We all need Google in our daily lives. The word Google has become synonymous with knowledge. With this tool, you can get timely information about anything in the world. The Google app is the mobile version of the search engine giant that serves as your virtual assistant and guides you about everything whether you need smartphone reviews or need information about assignment writing service.

Sweatcoins App

We all want a desirable physique and this app makes it easier for people to achieve that goal. Sweatcoins helps you keeps tabs on your daily fitness goals and you can earn a coin that you can redeem to get rewards, such as fitness gear, shoe, or even an iPhone X.

Noted App

As its name suggests, Noted is an app for the users to make important notes. With the help of this audio recording tool, users can record an entire interview, lecture, and meeting. Whether a user wants to type a note or record it, the app will automatically record the time of the action and will show them under the “Time Tags” section. The entire data gets synched on the iCloud which is a cloud-based app and saves data in real-time.

Google Maps Ios

This is a nifty app for travellers who fear getting lost in their journey. With Google Maps, they are reassured that they will reach their destination on time. This app is particularly helpful for drivers who want to get a hassle-free journey.

Tab iPhone

A tab is a handy app for people who frequently dine out. With this app, they can easily divide the sum of the bill to everyone so they don’t have to do the mental math to figure who owes what. Now you too can download this app and save yourself from the embarrassment of lengthy calculations.

Buffer iPhone

Buffer is a social media management app. This app is a saviour for social media marketers who want to perform multiple tasks using a single application. With this versatile app, they can publish posts, schedule their future posts, and even check the results of their social media marketing activities.

Enlight ios

While the iPhone has a basic photo editor but it does not have all the features that you will find in a full-fledged photo-editing tool. For those users who are frustrated with the limitations of iPhone, this is a tool that will help them do the editing things that they can do with the Adobe Photoshop no matter if they want to create effects in a photo or want to create a new image from scratch.

Streaks App

‘Streaks’ is another app you can add in your iPhone to help you form healthy habits and quit the bad ones. This app sets a task and asks you about the frequency at which you want to do that task. It will mark off the tasks as you finish them.

There are plenty of different tasks that you can integrate into this app, such as your diet regimen, workout routine, and sleep pattern etc.

Zillow App

Zillow is an app for people who want to get the nitty-gritty details about real estate business and want to know the best property deals within their area. Whether you want to buy a property or acquire it on rent, it brings the best property deals for you.

Dropbox ios

Being on the cloud means you are no longer connected to your devices. Dropbox is one app that gives you the freedom to access your remote files without having to constantly log on to your devices. All you need is an internet connection and you can get your files in a matter of minutes.

Instagram App ios

It is cool to be on Instagram. Today, it is the largest social media networking website in terms of audience. So if you are on Instagram, you can connect to the entire world. Just download this app on your iPhone and you will be a minute away to connect to over a billion people.

Camera+ App

This is an app for photo lovers. With this app, you can not only capture some good shots but can also do editing with some of your favourite shots.

The app features a zoom slider, a shutter, and a screen to give you a clear glimpse of your shots. Also, you will find plenty of other options that include smile detection, timer, and stabilizer to name a few.

Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Notes is for everyone who wants to catch up with the fast pace of the corporate world and academia. With this app, they can take quick notes of their meetings and classrooms without moving their hands. So now you don’t have to race against time to take notes of a team meeting or overwrite your notebook just to make notes of lectures.

WhatTheFont App

Are you a professional graphic designer who loves experimenting with fonts? If yes then this app is your tool to get the best out of your design skills. With this app, you can learn about any font type. It uses optical character recognition to detect the type of font in a text.

What you need to do is capture the snapshot of the text and it will tell you the name of the fonts used in the text.

Oilist App

Oilist is an app for people who have an interest in the artwork. This fantastic tool can be your source to get a variety of ideas for painting purpose. It offers many options to help you experiment with your photos and images. Whether you like to apply different shades of oil paint or want to play around with modern art, you can do many try this app to satisfy your inner artist.

Google Trips App

This is yet another great app by Google that will keep you at ease during your travel trips. With this app, you can find the itinerary, make hotel reservations, search flight information, explore tour details, and find the best restaurants based on your taste and the reviews of people.

MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal is one fitness app that you can’t afford to miss. The USP of this app is that it allows you to set your fitness goals and allocate deadlines to achieve those goals within the set time frame. From keeping a check on your daily calorie and counting the total carbohydrates from meals to measuring workout performance and burning fats, it helps you keep an eye on every facet of your fitness.

Calzy 3 App

Calzy 3 makes calculations a breeze. This app enables you to do the tricky mathematical calculation in a matter of seconds. The app also allows the users to get back to the previous data stored in the memory of the app. Now you can easily make your budget or create a bill without breaking a sweat.

Capo Touch

Capo Touch is a time-saver for music lovers who want to learn the art of music. This awesome app enables you to understand the different range of the piano and guitar chords. This app has endless features that allow a musician to create new tunes or alter any composition.

No matter if you are a newbie musician or a veteran composer, you can use this app to help you in your music composition sessions.

Clips App

Clips are your tool to edit videos and share with your family and friends. With this app, you can create short videos by adding your voice, subtitles, and captions to make them sound funnier or thought-provoking. It comes with different controls that you can use to insert animation, emoji, or speech bubbles etc. You can share these videos with your friends on social media websites.

These are some of the best iPhone apps. Let us know in the comment section what you think about them.

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