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How to get a booming career in graphic designing?

Are you striving to make or start a career in graphic designing? Let me first tell you that you are not alone. Recently, this great industry has become even more competitive, as everyone wants a designer that is the best. It is especially tough for fresh graduates who are disappointed when opportunities close on them due to lack of experience.

Well, don’t be disappointed, it is hard to start a career in this field, but not impossible. With the right guidance, you can make it. There are many paths that you can take to become a graphic designer. Once you land a starting job, it is up to your determination that will help you climb the ladder of success.

The tips we will discuss below will help you to get a booming career in graphic designing.

Let’s see these tips

Pursue a degree/certificate

You can become a designer even without a degree, but when you graduate in this course, you have more options. So, think about pursuing a degree in graphic designing. For people who are in a job and can’t dedicate a full three years, there are many certificate courses that are three to six months duration.

You can pursue that, these certificate courses will train you in the best way and are also highly respected within the industry.

Try to search for the secret job market

A hidden or secret job market is that job post or opportunity which hasn’t been published any job portal or official website yet. Networking is the best method to start looking for the hidden job market. To network, follow these tips:

  • Use LinkedIn to connect with people
  • Meet and make contacts with old colleagues
  • Keep sending out resumes to firms which you are passionate about even if there are job vacancies
  • Get in touch with multiple HRs

Connecting with seniors and influencers frequently will help you kick start your career in Graphic designing.

Get familiar with the best designing software

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It is best to learn and get familiar with the popular graphic designing software like Photoshop, In Design, and Adobe Illustrator. No matter what degree or course we take, we learn the principles and concept of designing. But until and unless we practically work on them on our own, we won’t learn how to use every feature to our advantage. So, before you start sending out resumes, perfect your software skills.

Create a professional and winning resume

A resume can really make or break your impression, as it is the first point of contact between you and the HR. Thus, make sure that your resume is perfect, caters to the specific job, shows your skills, and most importantly is free of errors and spelling mistakes.

Here are some tips:

  • Include personal skills too, and not only technical skills.
  • Use the keywords specified in the job description.
  • Your professional summary should focus on your skills and how they can help the firm.
  • For freshers, it is crucial to include internships and training they underwent.
  • Don’t talk about why you left your old job.
  • Your career objective should justify the job opening you are applying for, don’t make it generic.
  • Make sure the resume is formatted professionally. You can even use free online tools like Canva to design your resume.


For a recent graduate, this is the best option to get some work experience. When you freelancer as a graphic designer with a firm, it can get your experience and even a full-time gig if they like your work.

Create an online portfolio

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For a graphic designer, it is important to have a portfolio that can show how creative you are with your designs and graphics. For that, you can either create a website or make a page on Instagram or Facebook and show your creativity there.

Also, link that portfolio on your LinkedIn profile.

Get an internship

When you join an internship or a volunteer program for designers, it can help you break into this career. The pay will be less or zero, but it can help you learn a lot of professional skills.

Also, it is a personal opinion, but when you intern at a small firm, you get more opportunities to learn and improve your skills.

Find a guide

It is crucial to find a mentor who can advise you on your wok and help you improve.Finding a mentor is crucial if you want to learn the intricate details of this field. The mentor can be your professor, or your senior or someone who is an expert in this field.

Understand its landscape- roles and responsibilities of this field

Being a graphic designer is not only about making things look pretty. It has many layers, and it is crucial that you understand the roles and responsibilities this field offers. Once you know about them, you can easily determine what role you want to perform.

UI, UX, interaction, motion, visual, and research are some of the fields in this sector, and firstly, you should understand what they are and what skills they will require.

Keep learning and practicing

Practice makes a man perfect and designing is one field where practical knowledge is more important than textbook knowledge. So, keep designing things, and keep learning new tricks and techniques.

Nowadays, learning new techniques or becoming expert in some trick is quite easy as everything is on the internet.

Tutorials: are your best friends, there are endless tutorials on the internet that can help you understand every step of designing in details.

Gibbon: Have so many knowledgeable things that you will lose count. Also, you can create and share your own content.

Talk to other designers

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It is crucial that you remain in contact with other designers. Be it amateur or experts, keep in touch with them. It will help you learn new things and also know about the opportunities that are available in the market.

Don’t let rejection get you down, keep moving and hustling and your dream job will certainly become a reality.

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