The whole concept of sales and marketing rests on the role played by the packaging. That is why you have to make sure that the boxes you use are fully functional and suitable for use. They must be effective in performing all of the roles played by a packaging, as well as help you boost sales. But the main factor that sets your packages apart is their uniqueness and creativity. That is why designers are constantly looking for the best boxes. And collapsible rigid boxes are a prime example of this packaging.

Special structure

It is popular due to the strength that it lends to the product. It is tough and durable, hence the name “rigid boxes.” Kraft paper is made of cardboard, wood pulp, and pine cones. So you can imagine how strong it is. The physical strength is the defining feature of this form of packaging. Well, we now know why they are called rigid. What about collapsible? What does that mean? It’s simple. It means that the boxes can be laid flat. How is that possible? Can the box be pressed flat like a sheet of paper? Yes, you can easily press it flat. And once you want it to take the shape of a box, you can easily reassemble it in seconds. Voila! You had a flat Kraft paper sheet, and now it is a box. This is why these boxes are so special. They are strong and mighty at one point, and then they can be easily pressed flat. This collapsible design helps in easy transportation of the boxes. We will talk about that later on. For now, you can see what exactly we mean by collapsible gift boxes.


Strength Influences Sales

We talked about how these boxes are made of Kraft paper, right? And we had a look at the making of the Kraft paper as well. So at this point, we can agree that they are very strong and stable when it comes to packaging. That is why they are used for fragile items like glass items, or even cosmetics. They are very durable. That means that you can easily store your items in them for a long time. The closed design of large as well as small collapsible boxes prevents any moisture or other factors from getting in contact with the product. You can use lamination to make sure that such elements do not affect your product. The walls are shockproof, and that is why they can prevent any damage to the products.

Customization and its impacts

This is an important area. And that is only possible if the boxes are well designed and have been decorated. Lucky for you, they are some of the most easily customized forms of packaging. It means that you can design and decorate them in any way that you want. You can use the printing to reflect the brand image by using quality graphics and catchy fonts to display the logo and the brand name. In this way, you can also promote the firm at the same time. In this way, we can see how easy it is to make an attractive packaging that helps make sales, as well as protecting the product. But what sets them apart is the fact that they are designed in a way that they can be folded and easily assembled. That is a design in its way that reflects minimalism. And it also helps you to save on costs. So it’s a win for any manufacturer.

Shipping and saving together

This is the area where these boxes have made a name for their own. They are strong and can easily handle the bumps and jolts. They can easily handle product safety and maintain standards through shipping. They are lightweight. That means that you can save a lot of money from your shipping and transportation costs. And if you are looking at the trend of online shopping, you can appreciate this quality. They can be easily pressed flat to save container space. You might find it difficult to believe, but these boxes have helped shipping companies save millions of dollars. Moreover, you can get rigid packaging quantity to reduce the packaging cost as well.

Going green for the planet

They can be remade into boxes. Or they can be cleaned and reused for the same purpose. More than that, they are made of organic materials. That means that they can be broken down into simpler substances easily. That is the best thing about these boxes so far. Keeping in mind the threat of pollution, we needed something like this. These are the major reasons that have led to the popular use of these boxes and made them so effective as packaging.

Why Collapsible is Famous?

The collapsible rigid boxes are very popular. Why is this? Why are they so preferred by manufacturers? There must surely be better forms of packaging available in the market, right? Then why do we see them becoming so popular?

To answer those questions, we will have to do a complete analysis of this form of packaging. We need to look at the factors that make it unique and effective. And for that, we will have to start by looking at the structure of the packaging itself.

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