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Top 5 Investment Decisions to Make in Your Early Twenties

One of the cardinal rules of being successful in life is to start planning early. Be it your career, your business, your investments or even your education, by getting a decent head start, you will always be in a better position to stay ahead of the curve.

When it comes to investment decisions, the earlier you start, the better it will be for you. Even if you end up making some mistakes, you will learn from the same very early in life. Imagine making bad investment decisions in your forties, as compared to your twenties. What are you going to prefer? The answer is quite evident.

In this article, we speak to some leading investment gurus and asked them about the best investment decisions you could take in your twenties. This is a great article, if you want to know the secrets of successful investors.

Top 5 Investment Decisions to make in your early Twenties: The List

Start a Savings/Emergency Fund for yourself-

Ask any investor about the foundations of a successful financial career and this is the answer you will get. Investing is not always about multiplying your investments it is all about savings. If you are able to create financial discipline early on in your life, you will always be in a better position.

If you are starting out in your early twenties, you might not be able to save thousands of dollars every month. That is fair. However, even if you are able to save fifty or a hundred dollars every month, it will add up to a lot after ten, twenty years.

Explore new investing opportunities-

As compared to investors in their fifties and sixties, people in their twenties have a serious advantage. This is because the younger generation understands technology and innovation. It is important that you keep yourself updated with new and alternative assets to invest in.

In the past few years, many young investors are turning their attention towards cryptocurrencies. By starting early and being prudent, Bitcoin investors have ended up being some of the youngest millionaires in the world. You can learn more about it here-

Stay in the Investment game for the long haul-

If you want to pursue deriving profits from your investments seriously, you need to be patient. We live in an age, which is categorized by ‘instant’. However, the investment world does not work according to that. It is advisable that you set a time, which is well into the future.

This will not only help you maximize the returns from your investment but also help you gain valuable knowledge. The key is to gain experience, wisdom and insights very early on in your investment career.

Reinvest your Profits in different assets-

When we are young, we always want to use our profits to buy or invest in depreciating assets. Young investors, who come into money, end up buying expensive cars, watches and vacations. Before you know it, they have exhausted all their profits. Try not to make this mistake.

The best investors always reinvest their earnings into different assets and look to diversify their portfolios. This increases the playing field, giving you more opportunities to succeed. This is one of the hallmarks of a successful investor.

Do your Research, Be Informed and keep yourself updated at all times-

The world of investing is very dynamic. A policy decision by a government in a different part of the world can lead to stocks and shares soaring in another part of the world. Hence, the foundation of a successful investing career is being informed and aware at all times.

Follow the best journals and publications in the industry and stay updated with the best. Good investors regularly give updates on their social media feeds. You can follow and subscribe to them and learn at every step.


In this article, we have looked at some of the best investment decisions you should take in your early twenties. This will set you up for great financial success later on in your life. Can you think of some other investment decisions, which can be added to this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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