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Cryptocurrency Exchange: What is Hoo C2C platform 

As a user of Hoo, you will have an opportunity to use the Hoo C2C. With C2C trading, users can deal directly with their counterparty to exchange their fiat assets offline and confirm online transactions. When users are offline, the fiat exchange is confirmed by the parties involved, and the buyer’s digital assets are released. Read below to get more about Hoo C2C!

How to earn on the C2C platform

You can earn on the C2C platform by becoming a merchant. You can sell and buy cryptocurrency and fiat assets. First, you post a price you would like to trade with your crypto and publish it on the C2C platform (Advertisement). Then the interested buyers will pay you on the crypto. After some time trading, you can reach a verified merchant status. It is after gaining experience and doing frequent trading. At this level, you will enjoy more rights. Become a merchant, and you will earn on this platform.

What is Hoo C2C?

Hoo C2C is a form of trading where a seller and buyer exchange fiat assets and crypto directly. It can be done offline, and the transaction is confirmed online. The Hoo C2C platform is a platform that serves as an enabler of the trade, providing a platform for sellers and buyers to broadcast their offers. At the same time, it has escrow services where online digital assets can be carried out safely and timely for trade execution. It charges a transaction fee of 0.03% from makers of completed transactions and zero fees from the takers.

Traditional C2C platform VS Hoo C2C

Each encrypted asset trading platform has a C2C trading feature, which mainly includes two modes: fast exchange and self-selected trading. However, with the increase in the number of users, C2C has gradually developed into B2C. It is difficult for ordinary users to freely place orders to solve each other’s supply and demand. In addition, when some regions crack down on the use of crypto-asset fraud, users who buy and sell crypto-assets in fiat currency will be affected, so that the bank cards involved in transactions are often frozen.

Faced with the current status of the C2C trading industry, has upgraded the C2C products on the site to ensure that users can conduct transactions in a safer and free environment.

Advantages of Hoo C2C

Hoo decided to unbind individual users. The upcoming new C2C products will no longer distinguish between merchants and users. All users can publish pending order entrustment information (ads) on Hoo after meeting the KYC requirements for email, mobile contact, and real-name verification.

First, return to the original appearance of “customer to customer”, and no longer distinguish between merchants and users. This means that during the transaction process, the exchange will be free and optional.

Second, historical data and transaction evaluation of pending parties are added for use by demand users after evaluation. This adjustment makes the transaction more open and transparent. In addition to basic information such as KYC level, order volume, and transaction rate, in the new C2C trading area of, the deposit balance and pledge time of the pending party, the number of days of registration, the number of completed transactions, and the number of historical counterparties will be publicly presented. Consumers can choose a trusted pending party to exchange according to relevant information.

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Third, all C2C online transactions are protected by the platform’s “escrow mechanism” on After the pending party publishes the advertisement, Hoo’s system will freeze the corresponding amount of encrypted assets from its account for escrow. Once the seller refuses to release the encrypted assets, the platform will pay the buyer for the escrow of the encrypted assets.

Hoo’s new version of the C2C product was launched on March 8th. In addition to upgrading the evaluation system for pending order users and strengthening the asset security of trading users, the new product allows C2C users to quickly hedge funds. That is, when the pending party urgently needs to balance their own assets to meet the needs of consumers, they will provide them with funds to hedge the balance account.

Hoo: the best crypto exchange worldwide

Hoo is the best crypto exchange worldwide, offering you a platform to facilitate crypto and asset trading. The trading is protected by escrow. It ensures the safety and timely delivery of digital assets through secure trade execution. The platform gives you a freedom to release crypto to the buyer and file an appeal in case of dissatisfaction. With a new order, you can receive SMS and email notifications. You have to add a valid email address and mobile number. Besides, apply, and you will become a merchant. Visit to start trading on their platform.

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