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5 Best Credit Cards for Crypto Rewards (2023)

In the world of digital coins, cryptocurrency has become a mainstream topic in a way and currently, it is possible to find credit cards that offer crypto rewards. With a credit card that can acquire crypto rewards, you can have the option to procure digital forms of money like bitcoin, and Ethereum with each buy you make. Most charge cards offer prizes as a digital currency.

Wherein it enables users to convert their rewards directly into crypto. But it’s worth noting that if ever your digital token of the pick is deprecated, your credit card rewards could be affected as well. Let us find out which are the best 5 credit cards that offer crypto rewards. For more information, you can visit click here

Top 5 Crypto Credit Card Providers Able to Offer High Rewards

If you too are looking to get a crypto credit card, here are the top five providers that offer the highest rewards on purchases.

Gemini Credit Card

Firstly, in terms of rewards ratio, the Gemini Credit Card allows users to earn up to 2% back on groceries, up to 3% on dining, and around 1% on all other purchases. Seen automatically, crypto rewards are earned through the Gemini Credit Card. Furthermore, bitcoin rewards on Gemini, as well as 30 other cryptos, are available on the same crypto exchange

SoFi Credit Card

When you shop with the SoFi credit card, you can earn approximately 2 points for every $1 spent on purchases. In addition, when making deposits into an eligible SoFi account, including a SoFi crypto account, you can redeem those points to the value of 1 cent each. Currently, BTC and ETH are considered to be the only redemption options in cryptocurrency. Also, when you open a SoFi Invest and SoFi Money account after you are approved for the SoFi Credit Card for a first-time user, you may be able to earn up to $100 approx.

Nexo Credit Card

Nexo is a one-of-a-kind platform that enables regulated crypto lending and borrowing. In addition, holders get up to two percent back on any kind of purchases delivered in any digital asset supported by the Nexo credit card platform. Apart from this, there is no annual fee of any kind, and also this card comes with security features. Crypto is inherently designed to be money, a medium of exchange.

Venmo Credit Card

Speaking of the Venmo credit card, its users can automatically make cryptocurrency purchases through cash-back rewards earned from their card with a feature called crypto-to-cashback. You can choose from four cryptocurrencies to buy: BTC, ETH, LTC, or BTC Cash. Additionally, you can choose to auto-purchase cashback for crypto options without paying additional transaction fees. But in hindsight, a crypto-changing spread can be created in each monthly transaction.

This means, that Venmo may charge a small spread between the current exchange rate and the crypto market value. Also, you can change which crypto you need to purchase, and features like auto-purchase can be switched off whenever.

Bitpay Credit Card

Talking about the Bitpay card was initially issued by the crypto payment company Bitpay. This card is like a crypto debit card on the MasterCard network. In addition, users can spend 8 different cryptocurrencies through this card, as well as a wide selection of stablecoins when Mastercard is accepted. Users may be able to earn cashback rewards while using a BitPay card.

However, not all purchases earn cashback rewards, as they are reportedly available only at select merchants. And according to BitPay, there are over 100,000 locations where users may be able to earn cashback rewards using the BitPay card.

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