Best Way To Hold A Guitar Properly – Step-by-Step Guide

Best Way to Hold a Guitar Properly

An accomplished guitarist may address why anyone would require an exercise on holding the guitar, in spite of the fact that they most likely don’t recall the first occasion when they were given one! The explanation is that guitars and basses are regularly enormous, unwieldy instruments, particularly for amateurs, and the right method to hold one may not generally be evident.

Yet, dread not! We are here to offer you a bit by bit direct on holding a guitar just as exhortation on the most proficient method to adjust this for electric, traditional and low pitch guitars. Are you game? How about we go!


The same number of players will figure out how to play guitar on a steel-string acoustic, we will start with a bit by bit control on how best to hold one.

For straightforwardness, right now are accepting you are a right-gave player (where your prevailing/strumming hand is your right). On the off chance that you are a left-gave player, just switch these directions.

Sit in a fitting seat. Leaning back on your lounge chair is certifiably not a good thought! The best seat will be either a stool or a hardbacked kitchen seat without any arms (they simply disrupt everything.

Sit with right stance. Sit on the edge of the seat, keep your feet level on the floor, your back straight and your shoulders loose. This is the best stance for playing guitar.

Guarantee the guitar is the right far up. This sounds evident yet disregarding this significant point will bring about a great deal of disarray. You need to guarantee that – when looking down at the neck – the thickest string is at the top (for example the one nearest to the roof).

Lay the guitar on your correct thigh. When making light of an acoustic sitting, adjusting the guitar on your correct thigh is the most agreeable situation to utilize. On the off chance that you need additional help you may wish to fold your legs.

Keep the guitar near your body. In the event that it is excessively a long way from your body, it will be more diligently to play in a characteristic manner.

Edge the neck upwards. The neck will be simpler to play on the off chance that it is delicately pointed upwards, despite the fact that keep it more level than vertical.

Your left (worrying) arm ought to be at a correct edge. Keep your elbow took care of and the arm at a 90-degree point. This will assist you with fussing the right notes simpler and bring about less wrist strain.

Lay your thumb on the rear of the neck. As the four fingers of your worrying hand accomplish the work, your thumb should bolster the guitar by laying on the rear of the neck, any place feels regular.

Plunking down is a decent method to begin figuring out how to play the guitar. Be that as it may, when you nail the essentials, you might need to fire playing standing up, which a great many people concur looks cooler and permits you to get into the beat of the tune.

Playing while at the same time standing up isn’t excessively unique to playing while situated and the basics are as yet the equivalent – keep your back straight and shoulders loose.

On the off chance that you are going to rise up to play the acoustic guitar, purchasing a decent tie is fundamental, as you need something to help bolster the guitar (trust us – adjusting it on your thigh while standing is much increasingly troublesome!).

Essentially all ties are movable, which is valuable since it permits you to explore different avenues regarding the ideal stature. Everybody is extraordinary, so discover something that feels good to you, despite the fact that the best stature for standing is around where the guitar lays on your body while plunking down. It’s uncommon that the guitar will be excessively high, yet in the event that you discover you are slouching over, the guitar is excessively low!

Old style

While steel and nylon-stringed guitars are around a similar size, you will hold a nylon-stringed guitar marginally distinctively on the off chance that you are playing old style music.

To put it plainly, the fundamental contrasts are:

The guitar lays to your left side thigh. Rather than laying it on the correct thigh as you would with a customary acoustic, it is conventional to hold an old style guitar on the left thigh.

The left thigh is raised. The perfect stature is around 6″ off the ground. The least demanding approach to do this is to either lay your foot on a case, stool, or a movable hassock (you can purchase these on the web or in most guitar stores).

The neck is calculated further upwards. Due to this additional thigh rise, the neck will normally point upwards at more prominent edge. In any case, attempt to keep away from the headstock of the guitar sitting over your eye level.

At last you can to be sure play old style guitar by holding the guitar as you would a steel-string acoustic, in spite of the fact that holding it the customary way permits you to handily get to the fretboard, as your body holds the guitar set up.

However you hold it, guarantee you are sitting upstanding, with loosened up shoulders, and on the edge of a hard seat (rather than a love seat or bed).


Holding an electric guitar is fundamentally the same as holding a steel-string acoustic, in the case of standing or sitting. On the off chance that you haven’t just done as such, read the acoustic guitar segment above to get the hang of all that you have to know.

An expression of guidance – when purchasing an electric guitar for a beginner, consider how it will feel on your thigh when sitting. By this, we mean abstain from something like a Flying V-formed guitar, which isn’t the most agreeable shape to lay on a thigh when sitting. It might be ideal to save the more unrestrained styles for when you are increasingly certain.


Low pitch guitars are longer instruments than electric, acoustic and traditional guitars, in spite of the fact that the manner in which you hold one won’t be excessively unique.

Initially, in the case of playing standing or sitting, wearing a tie is basic as it helps drop a portion of the weight from this robust instrument and makes adjusting it somewhat simpler.

When sitting, you might need to lift your correct leg (not the left, similarly as with traditional guitar), by laying your foot on a case or an ottoman. This will help carry the bass closer to you and simpler to play.

When standing, it is famous to hold the bass somewhat higher on the body by changing the lash. This makes it simpler to explore the more extended fretboard. Despite the fact that mess with the stature until you discover something that feels good.

Similarly as with different styles of guitar, consistently attempt to keep your back straight and your shoulders loose for the best outcomes!

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