How Headsets are Beneficial in a UC Environment!

Improving the efficiency of business processes is achieved in various ways. One of them is the integration of all communications used by the company. According to experts and companies, this process can be simplified through Unified communications UC environment.

What is UC?

Unified Communications (UC) technology integrates various corporate information exchange devices into a single environment. It allows you to combine chat, video conferencing, phone calls and voicemail. To do this, you will need a flexible software IP-PBX compatible with a wide variety of devices. Users of this system will be able to communicate via desktop phones, mobile clients and softphones using a single extension number. This will ensure the versatility of your communications system.

Moreover, UC This solution allows employees to receive work messages and quickly respond to them, even when they are outside the office. Creating a unified communication field at the enterprise makes it possible to obtain a number of advantages that the company could not boast about earlier. So, how headsets are beneficial in a UC environment:

• Fast Communication

If you simplify the communication between employees, their productivity will increase. Instant chatting, free internal calls and convenient communication with remote workers and branches via extension numbers. All this makes the work easier. The team improves productivity and strengthens the sense of elbow.

• Control

There is a certain discomfort when you do not know exactly which channel you just contacted with the client. Tiring questions and confusion create unnecessary chores and spoil your image. But Unified Communications is the control of communications in your company.

• Easy Collaboration

The interface opens up wide opportunities for staff and allows it to easily interact, use any available communication methods like email, instant SMS, phone and video calls. Organization of training, meetings, teamwork of specialists through video conferencing is also available. A single interface and convenient access to information simplify the interaction between colleagues and training processes.

• Handle Distance Learning Systems

UC has made it possible to organize multimedia conferences between the company’s headquarters and its remote branches. Now you can conduct seminars and train employees in branches directly from the main office. In this case, the need for business trips of employees is greatly reduced, allowing the company to save time and money. This one application is used for e-mail and messaging, audio or video calls, scheduling meetings and organizing conferences, viewing and co-editing documents, conducting training with employees from remote branches.

• Increase Employee Mobility

By using this application, users can access all the functions even outside the office. Partners can participate in the discussion of work processes through the use of video or web-conferences via the Internet. Presence and employment statuses automatically determine the availability of colleagues. All the functionality of the application is available online. Employees can use the services, connect to video conferencing, receive and send files, work with documents, being outside the office. The only condition is access to the Internet, which can be implemented even with the help of a 3G modem.

• Platform Reliability and Data Security

A unified communications system in the company eliminates conflicting platforms. Information protection is implemented by applying relevant spam filters, antiviruses, encrypting files and data transfer channels, delimiting user access rights by levels. A regular backup is required, thanks to which it is possible to recover damaged, deleted or lost files.

Replacing conflicting platforms with a unified communications system strengthens the company’s existing infrastructure. A consistently high level of security is ensured by automatic updating of anti-virus databases and spam filters, as well as a backup of key components. Using modern encryption standards, delimiting access rights to information virtually eliminates the risk of data leakage and unauthorized access.

• Profitability

By creating a single communication field, the company eliminates the need to spend extra money on administering many different systems and supporting additional file storages. In some cases, to implement certain platform elements, the equipment available at the company is used or the necessary IT infrastructure is deployed in the provider’s secure cloud.

• Cost-effectiveness

Unified communications systems reduce the cost of developing ICT infrastructure by combining means of interaction on a single platform and using a single user directory. This eliminates the need to support multiple separate information repositories, simplifies management, and reduces administration costs. Some elements of the platform can be implemented on existing equipment or integrated with existing systems to reduce the cost of implementing unified communications.

The undoubted advantage of unified communications is the cost savings for long-distance and international communications. IP-telephony allows you to transfer voice and video calls over the data transmission channels of the provider, so the cost of such calls is greatly reduced.

• Regulatory Compliance

Communication control has a positive effect on compliance with data protection regulations. The general data protection regulation, which will enter into force in May 2018, imposes certain obligations on companies. In particular, they will have to prove that confidential customer data is well protected. This commitment is easier to fulfil when communication is under control.

• Reduce Response Time

Communication between a company and its customers is made easier by Unified Communications. In case of contacting your company, the client will be able to contact the right employee for the minimum amount of time. And regular customers can work directly with their managers. The minimum response time will provide a high level of loyalty to your customers and will allow them to retain.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned points describe how headsets are beneficial in a UC environment. These systems create a single communication field for company employees, its contractors and contractors, combining multifunctionality, opportunities for interactive interaction, following high standards of fault tolerance and information security.

Employees of the company get the opportunity to quickly respond to customers through Plantronics, Jabra or Sennheiser headsets, even when away from the office, to work effectively with contractors and corporate partners on documents and other materials, to conduct live product demonstrations in video session format.

Unified communications are not suitable for all types of technologies. Instead, UC platforms have the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each organization. Thus, the benefits of implementing UC at the enterprise level are obvious.

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